Quick Facts on Malachite Stone

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Banded light and dark green




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Malachite stone derives its name from the Greek word "mallow" meaning, a green herb. Malachite is named so due to its high degree of resemblance to the 'Mallow plant' leaves. Its banded light and dark green designs are one-of-a-kind, and gives malachite stone a unique ornamental quality. Malachite stone beads are sometimes coated with colorless wax, oil, or hardening agents to increase its durability and enhance its appearance.

Malachite History

Malachite stone has historical importance attached to it. Malachite was used for preparing green paints in the early civilizations. In jewelry form it was worn by ancient Egyptians around 4000 BC back thinking that it could protect the wearer from black magic and sorcery. Even in ancient Greece the amulets were made from malachite stone beads were worn by children. Powder form of the gemstone  was popular as an eye shadow. It was also extensively used for inlay carving works in churches and cathedrals.

Malachite Occurrence & Structure

Malachite stone is an opaque stone having bands of light to very dark green color. Malachite's fine acicular crusts and tufts are very popular that appear as a mat of thin hairs or as a carpet of green velvet. Malachite stone is found with many rare copper silicates, halides, phosphates, sulfates and carbonates such as duftite, libethenite, aurichalcite, sphaerocobaltite, kolwezite, shattuckite, atacamite, mixite, cornetite and much more.

Malachite is basically a copper carbonate mineral. It is often found with azurite, calcite and goethe. It is usually dull and does not have a luster to it, but is quite smooth to touch in the crystal form. malachite is a very fragile stone that needs special care. It is majorly found in the regions of Shaba, Congo; Tsumeb, Nambia; Ural mountains, Russia; Mexico; several sites in Australia; England and several localities in the Southwestern United States especially in Arizona, USA.

Types Of Malachite Stone

The popular types of malachite stone are

  • Azurmalachite
  • Calcomalachite
  • Malachite matrix
  • Plissovy
  • Prase Malachite
  • Star Malachite

Malachite Stone Healing Properties & Mystical Powers

Malachite stone is a powerful stone with a lot of properties and mystic powers that re being utilized for therapeutic uses. Some of the popular and well known properties of malachite stone are as follows:

Malachite Healing Properties

Helpful for pregnant women during child birth.

  • Helps combat and set in order the problems related to menstrual cycles and menopause.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Good for the nervous system.
  • Helps balance extreme blood pressure disorders.
  • Good for bones and recovery from bone injuries.
  • Stimulates the liver.

Malachite Stone Mystical Powers

  • Promotes harmony
  • Improves body communication and coordination.
  • Builds body resistance and immunity.
  • Malachite stone activates the chakras and makes the body aware of its disharmonies.
  • Works like a mirror to the body and the soul
  • Brings about a balance to those suffering from mood swings.
  • Encourages to break free of the inhibitions.
  • Releases negativity, helps grow over traumas, and encourages good dreams.