Lemon lamps pooja

|| ॐ अनंत  कोटि ब्रह्माण्ड नायक
राजाधिराजा  योगिराज  परब्रह्म
श्री  सचिदानान्दा  सदगुरु साईनाथ महाराज  की  जय ||


The credit for below pooja goes to the person who created it by saibabas blessings and the person who contributed it.I have just provided sai vrat puja as a service to help shirdi saibaba devotees.

A pooja is done to show our devotion,love and faith on God.If you are facing any problems and trying to take a spiritual path , There are not instant benefits for any thing in shirdi sais path.You have to show that you have ability to bear the pains based on your past karma.Sai will let the bad days pass by and during these times when you feel your prayers are not being answered , try to divert your mind in reading mantra,sloka and doing little rituals , puja for god etc.This way you will make use of your bad time in gaining blessings of God which will have its effect when you enter a good phase in life.

When it comes to lemon lamps, you need not light so many lamps as in image on top.Lighting just 2 lamps is enough to gain blessings of Goddes Durga and shirdi saibaba but the more lamps you light , the better your life will be.

Thats my personal faith. Apart from the materialistic benefits,every ritual has its own philosophy and meaning.Do this "lemon lamps pooja " if u can spend 5 hours any day of the week.
Making a Lemon lamp :

1.Take a lemon, press it on floor or any hard surface few times to make it become less harder.

2.Cut the lemon in two halves.

3.Take off all the juice by pressing in a cup , make sure all the flesh is completely off .

4.Invert the lemon gently in such a way that it makes a cup like structure where u can pour oil or

  ghee. sometimes, the lemon will create a whole in center which must not be used.Thats why u have

  to buy extra lemons.

5.Then take 2 wicks , Pour oil or ghee and light it.

6.You can pour extra oil or ghee while doing prayers, if u want the lamps to continue burning.

   sometimes the lemon it self will start to burn because of over head.

7.Please take utmost care while doing this pooja.

Lemon lamps are often lit for Goddess Durga.You can pray any Goddess you wish. Either Durga, any form of Parvathi, Saraswathi or Mahalakshmi Make sure you choose your favourite goddess along with sai to do this pooja.

The only item required is a big plate which will be easy for u to arrange the lemon lamps in circle....Its not necessary that u arrange as circle.You can arrange in line too as u wish. But make sure that u have a big comfortable plate its not safe to light lemon lamps on floor.

Lighting 2 lemons lamps is enough to gain blessings of Goddess Durga and shirdi saibaba.

Holy bath ( abisheka ) for all baba statues, Ganesha and Goddess saraswathi or Durga.

Arranged all the lemon lamps in circle around the plate, kept kumkum in four sides of lemon reciting a mantra. After pouring oil.

Make sure you offer any sweets or prasad for sai.

Should the following mantra for shirdi saibaba and Goddess Mahalakshmi, Saraswathi and Durga.

108 saibaba astothram ,

Goddess Saraswathi or Gayatri or Durga

Mahalaxmi astothram

Mantra of Lord shiva

Then read two chapters from Sai satcharitra - life of shirdi saibaba.

Then pray shirdi saibaba and Goddess Saraswathi or Gayatri or Durga
Description Of Lemon Light Pooja:

If u dont have time atleast choose to light 6 lamps...Should recommond 24 because it was said by sai .Even if thats not possible just light 2 lemon lamps .

1.Pray your favourite Goddess and Shirdi saibaba to bless you by doing this pooja

2.Keep photos or statues of Goddess whom you wish to pray and also photos of shirdi sai baba .

   If you have statues, do abisheka as you wish and use the water as prasad for you to drink after

   the pooja.

3.Light lemon lamps and offer any prasad...sweets etc.

4.Recite your favourite mantra and read atleast 2 pages or chapters of sai satcharitra.

5.Repeat " aum sai sri sai jai jai sai " or "shirdi sai dwarakamai " or any names of shirdi sai for atleast

  10 minutes.you can simply chant sai sai sai...sai sai sai...sai sai sai....for 30 minutes .This is most

  powerful chanting for shirdi sai devotees.

6.After all the lamps are put off by itself, close your eyes for 10 minutes and deeply feel baba is in

  your heart and say his name contineously.You will get God vision .If not you will feel the bliss in

  you.Do u r prayers and drink the abisheka water as prasad.