On 4th July 2011, the Reserve Bank of India on extended the ....10..... % ceiling of bank investment in liquid schemes of mutual funds Z to include snort-term debt funds

 Fixed Deposit also called as ........Term Deposit
 CDSL-Central Depository Services Limited

By 31 st March 2011, the Non-performance Assets (NPA) to all banks reached about .3 percent 

The best alternative banking service to branch banking to be the part of Financial Inclusion- Mobile banking

Banks giving the towest lending the North Eastern Part of india 

 increase the interest ratesis a good step it RBI to stop the Capital Outflows and contain the currency depreciation 

Committee Of Secretaries(COS) recommend 51 percent of FDI in the multibrand retail sector

The oountry's first-ever socio-economic and caste Census to identity people living below poverty line (BPL) started on June 29, 2011 at tribal village ot Sankhola of Tripura