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Pascha - This year on Sunday April 8

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The Paschal service commemorated the Resurrection of Our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ. We recalled how the Myrrh-Bearing Women came to the tomb at dawn, wondering who would move the heavy stone out of the way so that they could annoint Him, but found the stone moved, his shroud and and an Angel sitting on the rock, who asked them "why seek ye the living among the dead".  They ran back to tell the Apostles, and Peter and John had a footrace to the tomb to see for themselves that Christ Is Risen.   


We blessed Paschal baskets at the end of the Divine Liturgy. 

Holy Friday - Lamentations

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On Holy Friday, we commemorate the Theotokos' lamentation over the death of Christ on the Cross, and His being taken down from the Cross, His anointing with aromatic spices and being wrapped in a clean linen cloth, and His being laid in a new tomb. As part of our commemoration, we carry the representation of His body in the form of the Epitaphion, and lay it to rest on a table which symbolizes the tomb.     


Holy Thursday: The 12 Passion Gospels

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On Holy Thursday, we read the 12 Gospels sections which recount the arrest, trial, passion, and death of Christ. As part of recollecting the events, we process the cross into the center of the church (representing Golgotha), and the corpus is then nailed onto it in commemoration of Christ's life-giving passion.   

Holy Week: Holy Wednesday - Unction Service

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The mystery of Holy Unction (one of the 7 Sacramental Mysteries of the Orthodox Church) provides both physical and spiritual healing with holy oil blessed by the Holy Spirit. All Orthodox Christians in good standing may be anointed with the holy oil for the healing of spiritual and bodily ills. 

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