What's Happening in Fifth Grade This Week
January 16-20
This week in 5A and 5B 

In reading this week, 5A will not be doing a story because of the holiday and our mass on Thursday morning.  There will be no spelling/vocab this week and no tests on Friday.  We will be creating a mobile of items that remind us of home.  This connects to the main character in our story from last week, Katie.  In "Katie's Trunk", she tries to protect her house from the rebel army.  We will also be working on a timeline of events in Martin Luther King Jr's life.    

We will continue with My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier.  The second Quiz Time on chapters 4-6 is due 1/17 and the third Quiz Time for chapters 7-9 will be due 1/23.

In Science this week, both classes will continue our engineering unit.  We will complete our first investigation, building a tower, this week and begin investigation #2.  Check in with your child to see how they are collaborating with their peers and if they are successful.  We are really working on the skill of collaborating and some are doing better than others.  encourage them to be patient and listen to each other.    

In Social Studies this week, both classes will continue Unit 2, Exploration and Settlement, and will be covering lessons 3 and 4.  There will be homework to support the lessons taught in class. There will be a  study guide assigned in class on Monday the 9th, and the test on this Unit will be on Tuesday the 17th.

In Ms. DeSocio's Math class this week, the class will be continuing with Chapter 4, Number Theory and Fractions.  The test on the chapter will be on Wednesday the 18th.  The class will be taking a practice test to review and prepare on Tuesday the 17th.

In Mrs. Donovan's math class this week, we will work on division with fractions.  This is the second half of chapter 6.  Some of them are still having trouble with multiplication, which is what you are actually doing when you divide.  Encourage them to pay attention in class and follow along with the example problems we do each day.  Some of them are in need of a new math notebook.  Please check with them as this is a very important resource.  Writing notes and examples on loose leaf paper is not a good idea.

In Mrs. Paolero's math class this week we will be multiplying decimals. Thursday we will have a take-home quiz covering  9-1 through 9-4.Double prize box tickets for those who play Sumdog in the East Bay contest for at least 15 minutes out of class between Jan.13 and 19th! 

In Religion this week,  5B will be continuing with learning about the Sacraments. There will be homework assignments to support the daily lessons. 5B will be taking an open book test on Chapter 3 on Tuesday to finish up the chapter.

5A will continue working on our sacrament group projects this week.  We will hopefully have our first presentation this week.  We will also be looking a little at Black History in the coming weeks.

Both classes will also continue the Steps to Respect program that focuses on bullying prevention and conflict resolution. 



 *Dates to Remember:

1/16- No School, MLK Jr Day
1/20- Home Clothes for Dystonia Research

Gym uniforms for 5A are to be worn to school on TUESDAY and THURSDAY and 5B should be worn to school on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.

*** Just a gentle reminder, please keep in mind our Fifth grade friends and teachers that have allergies and food sensitivities, when sending in snacks, lunches, or treats.  Thank you for your attention and your mindfulness to this issue.