What's Happening in Fifth Grade This Week
April 24-28

This week in 5A and 5B 

In reading this week, we will begin Theme 5: One Land; Many Trails.  Stories in this theme will focus on westward expansion.  Our first story is a Boy Called Slow.  We will be getting back to our regular routine this week as well.  The spelling skill for the week will be to focus on words with a prefix or a suffix. There will be a pre-test on Monday and the spelling and vocab test will be on Friday. The grammar skill for the week will be learning about pronouns. The writing skill for the week will be to write a speech.  There will also be a weekly skills test on Friday to assess the spelling, reading, and vocabulary skills taught throughout the week.

We will begin our next book, Holes by Louis Sachar, this week.  5A will be doing some pre-reading activities in class this week.  First Quiz Time will be due on 5/1.

In Science this week, we will start working on note taking for our solar system topics.  Students should have at least 3 sources to work from and they need to bring the printed source into school this week.  We will also start to look at constellations and exploration of the solar system.

In Social Studies this week, both classes will be starting Chapter 8, The Constitution. Both classes will cover lessons 1-4. There will be homework throughout the week to support the lessons taught in class. 

In Ms. DeSocio's Math class this week, the class will be continuing Chapter 8, Addition and Subtraction of Decimals.  The class will be covering lessons 5-7 this week. There will be homework assignments to support the lessons taught in class. There will be two short quizzes on Tuesday and Friday to review the skills taught during the week.

In Mrs. Donovan's math class this week, we will start chapter 10, Geometry this week.  The first part of the chapter focuses on angles, polygons and triangles.  We plan to have a short quiz on the first 5 sections on Monday 5/1.

 Mrs. Paolero's math class will cover Chapter 10, geometry, for a few weeks now. Working in small groups in the computer lab we will be using the Scratch coding program to create geometry presentations that will be due at the end of the chapter. Our first take-home quiz will probably be Thursday, April 27th.  

In Religion this week,  5B will be finishing Chapter 8 The Coming of the Holy Spirit. There will be an open book test. The class will be moving on to Chapter 9, The Celebration of Confirmation.There will be questions assigned to respond to in their notebooks based on the lesson of the day.

5A will focus on chapter 26, The marks of the Church.  We will look at how our church is "one, holy, catholic and apostolic".

Both classes will also continue the Steps to Respect program that focuses on bullying prevention and conflict resolution. 



 *Dates to Remember:

Gym uniforms for 5A are to be worn to school on TUESDAY and THURSDAY and 5B should be worn to school on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.

*** Just a gentle reminder, please keep in mind our Fifth grade friends and teachers that have allergies and food sensitivities, when sending in snacks, lunches, or treats.  Thank you for your attention and your mindfulness to this issue.