What's Happening in Fifth Grade This Week
December 5 - December 9
This week in 5A and 5B 

In reading this week, 5A and 5B will focus on the genre of poetry.  5A will have spelling words to work on throughout the week, but there WILL NOT BE a skills, spelling or vocab test this week.  In 5A, we will be analyzing poetry and begin to create some poetry of our own.  We will focus on color poems and seasonal poems.  

We will finish Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Spears.  Quiz Time for the last section will be due 12/5.  Book Reports will be due on 12/12.
Our next book will be My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier.  We will begin this after the Christmas break 

In Science this week, students will continue to work on their biome scrapbook.  Most of the research has been done in class.  I have some materials to complete the pages, but if they want special paper or supplies they must bring those in.  Also, some of them may need to type and print their paragraphs or print their pictures.

In Social Studies this week, both classes will be finishing Chapter 2, Native Americans, and there a test that will be on Monday, December 5th. On Tuesday, both classes will begin Unit 2, Exploration and Settlement, and will be covering lessons 1 and 2.  There will be homework to support the lessons taught in class.

In Ms. DeSocio's Math class this week, the class will be finishing Chapter 3, Division and will be taking a quiz on the 12x's table on Monday. The class will start Chapter 4, Number Theory and Fractions on Tuesday.  The class will cover lessons 1-4. There will be nightly homework assignments to support the lessons taught in class.

In Mrs. Donovan's math class this week, we will have a short quiz on Monday on adding fractions and then move into subtracting fractions.

In Mrs. Paolero's math class this week, we will have two take-home quizzes: one covering probability, and the other focusing on types of graphs and measures of central tendency. Remember, corrections for half credit are to be done on a sheet of looseleaf stapled to the quiz, showing all work.  

In Religion this week, 

5B will be learning more about the Advent Season and looking ahead to Christmas.

5A will continue to learn more about the Liturgical Year of the Church.  We will also continue to look at the season of Advent.  

Both classes will also continue the Steps to Respect program that focuses on bullying prevention and conflict resolution. 



 *Dates to Remember:

12/8- General Mass- Immaculate Conception
12/9- No School- Parent Conferences

Grade 5 Advent Outreach-
    Letters went home last week with the wish list items.  Please help us to contribute to Lucy's Hearth and help the families have a Merry Christmas.  Items should be in school by 12/19.  Thank you

Gym uniforms for 5A are to be worn to school on TUESDAY and THURSDAY and 5B should be worn to school on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.

*** Just a gentle reminder, please keep in mind our Fifth grade friends and teachers that have allergies and food sensitivities, when sending in snacks, lunches, or treats.  Thank you for your attention and your mindfulness to this issue.