What's Happening in Fifth Grade This Week
May 30- June3
This week in 5A and 5B 

Our schedule will be a little different for the remainder of the year due to all the activities and events taking place on campus.

This week will be our last spelling word week and it will stretch over this week and next week.  There will be a pre-test on Tuesday and the test will be next Wednesday 6/8.  There will be 2 stories this week and vocabulary words, but no skills test. 

In Science this week, we will wrap up final touches on our boards and get ready for the Solar System Fair on 6/2.  Please be sure 3D models are in school on 6/1. 
We look forward to showing off our hard work to everyone at STEAM night from 6:30-8:00.

In Social Studies, both classes will be continuing Unit 3, The American Revolution.  Both classes will be covering the time period after 1776. Both classes will be covering Lessons 1 and 2. There will be   assignments to support the daily lessons. Both classes will also be working on their debate skills, with a focus on present day matters. These debates will take place in class on Friday, and perhaps into Monday if time runs out.

Ms. DeSocio's math class will be continuing Chapter 9, Multiplication and Division of Decimals, and will cover lessons 7-10. There will be quiz covering lessons 5-8 on Wednesday the 25th.There will be homework assignments each night to reinforce the skills taught in class.

Mrs. Donovan's math class will work on review of all the skills we have learned this year in order to prepare for our end of the year test.  This will not count toward their final average, but will help me to see what they have learned and what they have retained throughout the year.

Mrs. Paolero's math class will focus on algebra, integers, and functions these last few weeks of school. We must isolate the variable! The end of the year schedule can change but so far it looks like the first take-home quiz will be due Wednesday, June 1st. another will be due Friday, June 3rd, and the Chapter 14 test will be Wednesday, June 8th. All 5th graders will take a placement test covering chapters 1-10 June 9th or 10th.  ;-)  It has been a joy to share my love of math with your children this year, and to explore coding together, too!  

In Religion, both classes will be focusing on one of the 6 virtues of the FCJ charism.  We have also been working on our Steps to Respect program that focuses on bullying prevention and conflict resolution. 

5B will spend some time this week learning about Mary.  May is the month of Mary so we will be reading about her in chapter 19. 

5A will be looking at some familiar psalms starting this week.  They will also be creating some illustrations to go along with them.



 *Dates to Remember:

6/1- 3D models for Solar System project are due
6/2- Solar System fair during the day.  STEAM night 6:30-8:00

Gym uniforms for both 5A and 5B should be worn to school on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAY

*** Just a gentle reminder, please keep in mind our Fifth grade friends and teachers that have allergies and food sensitivities, when sending in snacks, lunches, or treats.  Thank you for your attention and your mindfulness to this issue.