What's Happening in Fifth Grade This Week
October 24-28
This week in 5A and 5B 

In reading this week, 5A and 5B will continue Theme 2 this week, Give it all you got.  The story is La Bamba. The spelling words this week will be focused on words with o, ou and oi sounds.  There will be a pre-test on Monday and the spelling and vocab test will be on Friday. There will be choice spelling this week.  The grammar skill focuses on action verbs and direct objects.  There will be a skills test on Friday to review the skills taught during the week.

Book reports for Bud, not Buddy will be due Monday 10/24.  We will be starting our next book, Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Spears next week.

In Science this week, we will finish the structures that make up a flower and the steps for pollination.  We will also look briefly at classification of plants.  There will be a short quiz on Thursday 10/27.

In Social Studies this week, both classes will be continuing Chapter 2, Native Americans, We will be covering lessons 1 and 2. There will be homework in both the textbook and worksheets will be passed out to reinforce the skills taught in class for homework, so remember to check agendas and pack up lists. Much of the focus this week will be on the Eastern Woodlands Tribes as we prepare for Friday.

In Ms. DeSocio's Math class this week, the class will be continuing with multiplication in Chapter 2, covering lessons 9-12. The test for the chapter will be Monday the 24th, due to our Social Studies presentation. There will be nightly homework assignments to support the lessons taught in class. There will be a quiz on the 7 times tables on Friday, so dust off those flash cards!

In Mrs. Donovan's math class this week, we will have a quiz on Wednesday on sections 4-1 through 4-4 prime and composite numbers, greatest common factor and understanding the size of different fractions

In Mrs. Paolero's math class this week, we will begin our exploration of multiplying fractions with a hands-on playdough activity. We will also be getting used to our new classroom space, just across the hall from our old room. The most amazing thing is that there is no quiz this week! ENJOY! ;-)  

In Religion this week, 

5B will be starting Chapter 2, Jesus Shares his Mission with the Church, and will discuss lessons 1-3 and the questions that go along with each of the daily lessons.

5A will finish chapter 2 in the religion text and have the test on Wednesday.  OCF entries will also be due

Both classes will also continue the Steps to Respect program that focuses on bullying prevention and conflict resolution. 



 *Dates to Remember:

Gym uniforms for 5A are to be worn to school on TUESDAY and THURSDAY and 5B should be worn to school on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.

*** Just a gentle reminder, please keep in mind our Fifth grade friends and teachers that have allergies and food sensitivities, when sending in snacks, lunches, or treats.  Thank you for your attention and your mindfulness to this issue.