March 30- April 3, 2015
What's Happening in Fifth Grade This Week
This week in 5A and 5B  

5B has finished Theme 4,Person to Person.  This week will be a focus on plays. The pre-test will be Monday and the spelling/vocab will be on Thursday. There will not be a theme skills test this week. The spelling skill for the week will be to learn about words with unusual spellings, such as "guy" and "biscuit" for examples.

5A will also focus on plays this week and next week.  There will be no spelling or skills test.  We will work on the words with unusual spellings, but there will be no test on them.

Both classes will be handing in their final Old Yeller   Quiz Time will today, 3/30 and the Book Report will be due on 4/6.

Final sales pitch and proposals are due Monday for the roller coaster project.  Tuesday, both classes will begin to look at the next unit, The Solar System.  We will start by looking at the night sky and constellations.

In Social Studies, both classes will continue Chapter 9, Life in the 13 Colonies, and will cover lessons 3-5.  There will be workbook pages and Think About It questions assigned to support the daily lessons.

Mrs. Donovan's math class will spend some time reviewing addition, subtraction and multiplication with decimals this week as well as problem solving review. 

Ms. D.'s Math class will be continuing with an overview of geometry.  There will be homework assignments to support the lessons taught. There will be a quiz on Thursday covering the 9 tables. These weekly quizzes will help with the multiplication and division skills for the chapter.

Mrs. Paolero's Math Class is multiplying and dividing decimals. Our next quiz will be Feb. 3rd, if everything goes as planned, and then we should be ready for the chapter test Thursday, Feb. 12th. After that...On to GEOMETRY!

In Religion, we're well in to our Steps to Respect curriculum focusing on problem-solving, conflict resolution and making good friendships. 
5B will continue with chapter 9 this week and start talking about the Sacrament of Confirmation.
5A will focus on Holy Week and the Stations of the Cross this week in preparation for Easter.

 *Dates to Remember

March 31-Challenge of the Books!

April 2-Way of the Cross-

April 2- Dress Up with Purple! Donation for the Handicapped!

April 3- No School- Good Friday

April 6-9 Terra Nova Testing week.  Schedules will be different this week.