June 1st-5th

What's Happening in Fifth Grade This Week
This week in 5A and 5B 

Both classes will finish working on Theme 5: One Land; Many Trails, with a Genre Focus on Autobiographies.  The reading selections for the week will be a collection of four short autobiographies. The spelling skill for the week will be the sound of t. The spelling and vocab test will be on Thursday and the spelling and vocab test will be next Thursday. There will be a weekly skills test on Thursday as well to assess the spelling, reading, grammar, and vocabulary skills taught throughout the week.  The writing assignment will be to write an autobiography and it will be due on Thursday.The last Quiz Time for Holes will be due today, Monday, June 1st. 

In science, we will finish up the night sky and constellations by looking at the difference between comets, meteors and meteorites. 

In Social Studies, both classes will be finishing Chapter 11, Breaking Ties With Great Britain. There will be homework assignments to support the daily lessons. There will be a test on Friday covering this chapter. There will be a study guide assigned today for both classes to get prepared.

Mrs. Donovan's math class will begin their Geometry Unit. There will be homework assignments to support the daily lessons.

Ms. D.'s Math class will be starting Chapter 9, Decimals, Multiplication and Division. The class will cover lessons 1-4. There will be homework assignments to support the lessons taught in class.

Mrs. Paolero's Math Class has been exploring basic algebra, isolating variables to solve equations. Next, we will work with integers, culminating with function tables for x and y values in order to graph them on the coordinate plane. Friday, May 29 is our last day in the computer lab for Sumdog Math games, but students are welcome to play all summer long!     

In Religion, we're well in to our Steps to Respect curriculum focusing on problem-solving, conflict resolution and making good friendships. 5B  will be finishing with Chapter 10. There will be an open book test assigned in class today and the class will be moving on to Chapter 11,The Celebration of the Eucharist, tomorrow

 *Dates to Remember:

Book Reports are due Friday!!

Grade 6 Science Fair on Friday!!