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                   Located in Old Town Saint Peters
About the Legion:
The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is the nation’s largest veterans service organization, committed to mentoring and sponsorship of youth programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting a strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.

Eligibility Requirements for  American Legion Membership

If you are currently on active duty, serving the United States honorably, anywhere in the world, or have served honorably during any of the following eligible war eras, we invite you to become a member of The American Legion.

  • April 6, 1917 to Nov. 11, 1918   (World War I)
  • Dec. 7, 1941 to Dec. 31, 1946   (World War II)
  • June 25, 1950 to Jan. 31, 1955   (Korean War)
  • Feb. 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975   (Vietnam War)
  • Aug. 24, 1982 to July 31, 1984   (Lebanon / Grenada)
  • Dec. 20, 1989 to Jan. 31, 1990   (Panama)
  • Aug. 2, 1990 to today   (Gulf War / War On Terrorism)
Administrative Announcements:
In order to save money, Quarterly Newsletters will be replaced by the Post Website.  If you have information that you would like to share, please submit through the "Contact Us" Navigation button on the side of the page.  
The Adjutant is also trying to improve our compliance with Federal Tax laws that apply to Veteran Organizations. To accomplish this we are asking members to submit a photocopy of their DD-214.  This is important for any future audits that may occur.
A new tool  available to all members is the new website called "MyLegion".  Through this website members can access Legion news, renew your dues on line, and communicate with other members.  Check this site out.  I will put a navigation button on the side of our home page. 
General Announcements:
Regular Legion Meetings are held on the Second Thursday of each month at 1900.
Also, see the calendar for more meeting dates and events. 
Post Officers:
Post Officers for 2014:
Commander...........Lou Carrera
1st Vice Cmdr.........Skip Bollinger 
2nd Vice Cmdr.......Don Toeneskoetter 
Adjutant..................Karl Juntunen
Finance Officer.......Jim Spence
Chaplain..................Steven Haley
Service Officer........Randy Skyles
Sergeant at Arms....Frank Reis   
Sons of the Legion:
We can always use more members.  If you know of someone who may be interested in joining, please bring them to the next meeting.  Our meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1930.  Our dues are $ 7.00 per year.  We are now  collecting 2014 dues.    
Officers for 2014:
Commander,  Jerry Grotewiel   314-220-7927
1st Vice.,  Harvey Fischer  636-544-0388
2nd Vice.,  Joel McClain
Adjutant,  Dale Kluesner  636-294-6501
Sgt. at Arms,  Ian Johnson
Finance,  Alan Connoyer  636-262-9373
Chaplain,  Tod Bumstead  314-486-2169
Ladies Auxiliary:
Legion Post 313 Ladies Auxiliary Officer for 2014 are as follows: 

President..................Barb Prinster
1st Vice Pres..............Linda Hill
Secretary...................Becky Lamzik
Ladies Auxiliary meets on the Second Tuesday of each month at 19:30
If anyone has any question regarding the Ladies Auxilairy, please contact Linda Hill at 314-374-5817

Guard Of Honor:

Captain of the Guard:  Harry Wies

Schedule of Honor Guard events are posted on the Calendar of events.
Things are going well with the Honor Guard thanks to much help from everyone.  We now have approximately 30 members to choose from at different days of the week.  The guard has completed about 121 military funerals year to date.
Keep these and all of our troops in your thoughts and prayers.
God bless America.
Harry Wies,
Captain of Honor Guard #8
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