Contact the Catechists!

Since the 1950's, St. Paschal Baylon has been teaching the youth of the parish.  This year's staff and available contact info is listed below. 
 To access class newsletters (for the catechists that send them out), please click on the catechist's name.

 2016-2017 Saint Paschal Baylon PSR Volunteer Staff
 1st Grade PSR

1A- Sr. Juliana Beck

email Sr Juliana Beck

Call Sr. Juliana (216) 297-1609

 1A Classroom aide- Mrs. Kathy Gall

 1B- Mrs. Cathy Schumacher

E-Mail Mrs. Schumacher

1B Classroom aide- Mrs. Elaine Rolfe

E-Mail Mrs. Rolfe

Call Mrs. Rolfe (440)-442-1929

 2nd Grade PSR 

 2A- Mrs. Carol Margevicius

Call Mrs. Margevicius (440)-442-9265

2A Classroom aide- Mrs. Michele Ambrogio

E-Mail Mrs. Ambrogio

Call Mrs. Ambrogio (440)-537-0640

2B- Mrs. Kathy Sanson

E-Mail Mrs. Sanson

Call Mrs. Sanson 440-442-4008

 2B Classroom aide- Mrs. Jennifer Morton

 E-Mail Mrs. Morton 

 3rd Grade PSR

 3A- Mrs. Karen Gainford

E-Mail Mrs. Gainford

Call Mrs. Gainford (216)-280-8536

 3A Classroom aide- Mrs. Linda Peters

E-Mail Mrs. Peters

Call Mrs. Peters (216) 397-0845

 3B- Mrs. Karla Stoll

E-Mail Mrs. Stoll

3B Classroom aide- Mrs. Kathy Juliana

4th Grade PSR 

 4A- Ms. Katie Hall

E-Mail Ms. Hall 

call Ms. hall  (440)683-1018

 4A Classroom Aide: Mrs. Geri Jankowski


- Mrs. Nancy Dulzer

E-Mail Mrs. Dulzer

call Mrs. Dulzer (216)856-9249

 4B Classroom aide- Mrs. Smiljka Bosnar

Call Mrs. Bosnar (216)-486-8803

5th Grade PSR

 5A- Mrs. Debbie Rech

E-Mail Mrs. Rech

Call Mrs. Rech (216) 381-9247

 5B- Mrs. Mary Becker

E-Mail Mrs. Becker

Call  Mrs. Becker (440) 461-0235

6th Grade PSR 

6A- Mrs. Kathleen Catanese

E-Mail Mrs. Catanese

  6B- Mrs. Christine Hart

E-Mail Mrs. Hart

 Call Mrs. Hart (440) 991-6176

6B Classroom Aide: Mr. Jason Lee 

 Junior High aide- Mr. Greg Ondrake

E-Mail Mr. Ondrake

7th Grade PSR 

 7A- Ms. Kathy Hruska

E-Mail Ms. Hruska

Call Ms. Hruska (216) 287-5430

 7A Classroom Aide: Mrs. Cindy Seebauer

 7B- Mrs. Angie Perrine

Email the PSR Office

 7B Classroom Aide: Mrs. Barb Nahara
8th Grade PSR 

 8A- Mr. William Sill

E-Mail Mr. Sill

Call Mr. Sill (216)-215-2695

8B- Mr. John Sciulla