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Couples for Christ


How it all begun…

Couples for Christ, Canada


In 1992, two new immigrant housewives from Manila met in the bus stop somewhere in Richmond BC and discovered they were both members of Couples for Christ.  They kept in touch with each other and each other’s families.  Then they met another new immigrant CFC family from the Philippines and so, in 1993, they started household meetings.  Three more CFC couples “discovered” in Vancouver joined them.  To support and strengthen this budding community, several mission teams from Manila arrived.  Efforts were made to secure official blessing and permission from the Archdiocese of Vancouver for the CFC to be recognized in the Archdiocese.


In the meantime, on February 18th, 1994 the first Christian Life Program (CLP) was started at the Youville Chapel in Vancouver.  When it concluded on May 13th, 1994, six new couples were dedicated as new members.  The first parish in Greater Vancouver where CFC was first introduced was SAINT MONICA’S in Richmond, under Rev. Father Le Kiem Bede.


In 1994, the following “FIRST” events took place:


·         July 1st – First Family Day at King George Park in Richmond

·         September 2nd   to 4th   -  First Marriage Enrichment Retreat I (MER I) at Westminster Abbey in Mission

·         September 16th  to 18th   -  First Youth for Christ (YFC) Youth Camp at Camp Howdy in Port Moody where 28 Vancouver and 10 Seattle young adults completed the program and formed the core of YFC-Vancouver and YFC-Seattle.


Finally, on February 14th, 1995, CFC was granted official recognition and permission from the Archbishop of Vancouver to conduct its activities, particularly CLPs, in the Archdiocese.  (Since then this anniversary of CFC is celebrated every year.)


Following this breakthrough came another wave of CFC “First” activities in 1995:


·         On June 24th, the First Kids for Christ (KFC) was launched at St. Matthew’s parish in Surrey.

·         The First all singles CLP was conducted from September 16th thru December 2nd where 16 singles graduated from Singles for Christ (SFC). 

·         The First MER II was held from October 8th to 9th,  at Faith Mission Conference Center in White Rock


Determined to carry out and spread more service for the Lord, in July 1996 the First CLP for Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) was held at the Saint Monica’s parish.


Then the First CLP in Victoria was held on September 21st, 1997, yielding five couples and seven handmaids.


The First National Canadian CFC Conference was held from July 2nd to 4th 1999.   This is the first conference which catered to all the family ministries at the same time.


In October 2000, ANCOP (Answering the Cry Of the Poor) was First introduced to Vancouver.


….. and we continue to expand our horizon as we continue to walk hand in hand in the Lord’s narrow path, supporting each other and witnessing to others ….


For more information about the global CFC, please follow this link: