October is the month dedicated to our Blessed Mother. Parishioners are encourage to pray the holy rosary
everyday at their home or at church before the 9:00 o'clock morning masses.

In celebration of Thanksgiving Day - parishioners are encourages to bring non-perishables grocery items for
donation to the Food Bank . From Monday to Sunday of the week of October 3, you may drop your donations
at the food bank box located at the foyer of the church.

Registration for our PREP program is still open for Grade 1-6 until October 15. Grade 7 class is now close.

Traffic Flow - parishioners are requested to abide the traffic rules for entrance and exit gates, no parking slots
as well as for disabled, family or elderly.

Project Advance - we are appealing for your generous heart to give to Project Advance. This year's funds will
be used for the replacement of the HVAC control system, painting of the window arches and its trim, traffic
metal signs, upkeep of parking lot and many more.

Please check the Knight of Columbus for their announcement

Please check RCIA for their announcement.

Please check Legion Of Mary for their announcement.

Line Dancing

posted Mar 2, 2012, 11:45 AM by Agnes Akane Li   [ updated Mar 5, 2012, 12:58 PM ]

Meet up with friends, old and new. Put on your dancing shoes and have some fun. Line dancing classes are held bi-weekly and are organized by the Fundraising Committee. Check out the Line Dancing page for more information.

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