Tuesday Nov. 21, 2017
IXL-math 5th multiplication word problems
5th read ch.15 and 16 in Flying Solo
6th read ch. 15 and 16 in A Tale of D.

Monday Nov. 20,2017
thankful paragraph
IXL-math 5th multiplication(double digit)
5th read ch.13 and 14 in Flying Solo
6th read ch. 13 and 14 in A Tale of D.
math 6th .p. 171-172
math 5th p. 141,1-5 p. 142,
science p. 103E
5th S.S. p. 56,61
study for test
5th science p. 114-115, study for test
Friday Nov. 17,2017
S.S. p. 101 ,2-6 due Monday

McDonald's for lunch tomorrow
IXL math 5th (Multiplying 2 digit with 3 digit)
6th math p. 176-179 study for tomorrow
5th math p. 133, 7-18, p. 135-136, 1-5, 9,11,13,15
5th read ch.11 and 12 in Flying Solo
6th read ch. 11 and 12 in A Tale of D.
bring an composition notebook
Wednesday Nov. 15, 2017
web outline
5th read ch.9 and 10 in Flying Solo
6th read ch. 9 and 10 in A Tale of D.
5th Math p.123-124, 1-4,16,21-22
                p. 129-130, 1-4,9-11,13,15
IXL 15 math multi digit multiplication
6th math 157-164,odds
6th science handout due monday
5th science handout due tomorrow, label 5 leafs
Tuesday Nov. 14
5th math p. 121, 2-13
6th S.S. Expository speech outline

Monday Nov 13, 2017
IXL math 5th (powers of Ten)
IXL math 6th 15 minutes
misspelled words write 3 times and write definitions for all
5th math p. 117-118, 1-9, 13-16, 24,25
6th math p. 145-148, 140-142 stop after 20 minutes.
5th read ch.7 and 8 in Flying Solo
6th read ch. 7 and 8 in A Tale of D.
6th S.S.expository speech

Thursday Nov. 9, 2017
5th read ch. 3 and 4 in Flying Solo
6th read ch. 3 and 4 in A Tale of D.
Spanish letter due Tuesday
IXL 15 Minutes in Math Topic 3
Wed. Nov. 8, 2017
A.R. test is due tomorrow
W.W. 15 min -spelling test tomorrow
5th read ch.3 and 4 in Flying Solo
6th read ch. 3 and 4 in A Tale of D.
Veterans Day paragraph (typed and in cursive)

Tuesday Nov. 7, 2017
5/6 study for math test tomorrow on topic 2 (use IXL)
5th read ch. 1 and 2 in Flying Solo
6th read ch. 1 and 2 in A Tale of D.
IXL  L.A.  15 minutes 
writing matters book p. 10-11
science 5th ch 3. section 1

Monday Nov. 6,2017
math 5th finish p. 105-16
math 6th p. 133 - 134
5th Call to faith p. 47 and 48
6th Call to faith p. 49
IXL 15 minutes
Thursday Nov. 2, 2017
study for spelling test W.W.
IXL fractions
IXL 6th Inequalities
book report due
S.S. 6th test on Monday
Math 6th p. 123-124 ,3-6,11-14 

Wednesday Nov. 1, 2017
editing paragraph
5th math p. 103-104
6th math p. 117-118, 5-12
book report and A.R. test due Friday
IXL Fractions 6
Tuesday Oct. 31,2017
Happy Halloween -no homework
Monday Oct. 30, 2017
Halloween party tomorrow at 2 pm (bring costume)
5th math p. 103-104 review
6th math p. 111-112, 7-12, 18-21
6th read p. 152, 1-4 in full sentences
rewrite misspelled word 3 times and definitions for all
6-8 science 2.6 answer questions 
book report and A.R. test is due Friday
Friday Oct. 27, 2017
please remember the Halloween party on Tuesday afternoon

Thursday Oct. 26,2017
pizza tomorrow
timeline due Monday
study for the spelling test tomorrow 6.7 for sixth grade and 5.7 for 5th
5th math p.93-94, 1-6,9-12, 14,15,19,20
6th math p.103-104 even, homework p. 105, 5-12, p. 106, 15-18
6th service form
sentence sense p. 6-7
S.S. p. 90, 1-15 try

Wednesday Oct. 25, 2017
IXL 15 min math on topic
Thank you letter to chaperone
5th math 85, 3-26
6th math reteach handout 2-3
middle school the 4 field trip  questions from Monday
Salmon packet pages 15-16, 2-4 #1 is extra credit if it is correct

FYI 6th grade will be joining 7 and 8 in a play about Winnie the Pooh. Date to be announced at a later date.
Monday Oct. 23, 2017
IXL 15 min. (y section) for 6th and 5th on decimals (the g section)
Book report due Nov. 3
1 A.R. test print report for me to see. Due Nov 3
6th math p. 97, 7-12, p. 99, 1-8
rewrite misspelled words from pretest with definitons
religion (Who I am) handout
Science (5th - 8th) review packet and answer 3 questions on the board 
the 4th questions is a bonus
Thursday Oct. 19, 2017
Read 30 min
IXL 15 min. (y section) for 6th and 5th on decimals (the g section)
study for spelling test tomorrow in W.W.
assignments completed in class
5th math handout R2-3, D2-4
6th math p. 91, 6-9, p. 93, 1-8

Wednesday Oct. 18, 2017
read daily 30 min (to clarify this is not additional to other reading  assignments)
IXL 15 min. y section for 6th and 5th on decimals (the g section)
assignment below are given plenty of time in class to complete
6th math p. 87, 1-10
5th math p. 79, p.81, 1-11
p. 4-5 in writing book
5th W.W. 5.6, 10 min
6th W.W. 6.6, 10 min
Tuesday Oct. 17, 2017
read 30 minutes
IXL math 15 
5th math p. 73,1-11,p. 75, 1-8
6th math p. 85, 4-15
study salmon packet and make name card

Monday Oct. 16, 2017
Read 30 min
IXL math y section for 6th 
IXL math expanded
misspelled words 3x with definitions
1 completed paragraph 
6th salmon definitions 
Thursday Oct. 12, 2017
math IXL 15min 5th expanded form 

read 30 min
W.W. study for spelling test tomorrow 5.5, 6.5
Assignment in class
5th math D2-1handout
writing matters book p. 2-3
5th science ch2 ls 3
6th science ch2. ls 4-5

Wed. Oct 11,2017
read 30 min
IXL math 15  min. 5th on mental math, 6th section y
W.W. 10 min
5th Read ch. 3-4
6th Lit. p. 124-128 and story map
math 5th handout 2-1
MATH 6th p. 54, 1-2, p. 68, 1-4, p.69-70 set A-H
6th p. 41 religion
6th science quiz for lesson 3 do lesson 4
5th science lesson 2 handout and start salmon packet
Tuesday Oct. 10,2017
IXL math 15  min. 5th on mental math, 6th section y
W.W. 10
6th math P. 63 3-4 and the 2 handouts on factoring
5th math p. 61, 7-12,p.63, 1-15
5th read 2 chapters of A Bridge to Tar.
6th book report on Island of..
P. 1 of the writing book
6th p. 39 for religion
5th p. 1-3 for religion

Monday Oct. 9,2017
IXL math and L.A. 15 min
6th Y sections of IXL  for math and Mental math for 5th on IXL
read 30 minutes
rewrite misspelled words 3 times and write definitions
6th math p. 54 12-13, R1-9 handout
5th and 6th math handout on factoring(GCF)
6th S.S. cut the gummy paper Thursday 
Thursday October 5, 2017
read 30 min
IXL 15 math  and LA
6th science read ch 2., Lesson 1 and 2. Answer questions in each lesson
5th science ch 2 lesson 1 handout (words to Know)

Wed. October 4, 2017
read 30 min
IXL math 15 
assignment 6th grade  science read P. 46-61 and answer questions in the lesson
Spelling test is tomorrow 6.4 and 5.4 in W.W.
5th math p.50
6th math p.47 1-15 and p.51 5-6
S.S. 5th p.32 1-10
S.S. 6th test tomorrow study on classzone.com

Tuesday October 3 2017
Please remember to get plenty of rest this week because we are MAP testing this week.
5th grade math assignment p. 47, 49 and handout R 1-5
6th grade math assignment p. 45 12-23
    there was plenty of time to these in class
Gr 5 SS - backpack for immigrating to the moon project due on Monday Oct 9
IXL 15 math
read 30 min
go to Wordly wise for spelling practice Gr 5 WW5.4   and Gr 6 is WW6.4

Due to MAP testing there is minimal homework