Letter from Spiritual Advisor

Fr. Frank Scott pp., Spiritual Advisor

CWL of St. Martin de Porres Parish, Ottawa ON

At the request of our President Rosanne Nadon, I am happy to submit this pastoral

reflection for the “good ladies” of our CWL here at St. Martin de Porres. I have

always been amazed at the enthusiasm and hard work our ladies have

accomplished over the years. Since I have been named as pastor July 2009 I am

pleased to be of service in our spiritual journey together under the guidance of Our

Lady of Good Counsel. I take this opportunity to pledge my personal support to

the CWL of our parish! I offer these reflections in the hope we continue to grow

in the spirit of your Constitution and the energy of helping to build the Christian

Community here in the parish.

Recently I came across an interesting article that embraces the ideals of the CWL

nation-wide. I believe there is tremendous support from all the various councils

across our great country. In this article dated Feb. 13, 2013, the Prairie Messenger


“I believe that we are resurrection women,” said national Catholic Women’s

League (CWL) president Betty Anne Brown Davidson, explaining why she chose

We Have Seen the Lord as the theme for her two-year presidential term.

Brown Davidson was in Regina to meet with the committee organizing the national

convention scheduled for Regina August 11 - 14. Her two-year term began August

2012 when she took over from Regina’s Velma Harasen.

Brown Davidson said in an interview that just as Jesus met with women after his

resurrection and asked them to go tell the others, she believes that “Jesus asks us to

do the same.” She admitted that her chosen theme is not as practical as others and

it’s difficult to get your head around it, but she and her executive developed a

program using the word GOD as an acronym. “G (go and tell); O (others;

encounter Jesus in others) and D (demonstrate it by works of mercy.)”

As member of the CWL you are under the patronage of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Her role as patron assures us of many blessings, where....“Nothing will be impossible for

God.” (Luke 1:37)

With these few words, the angel calmed Mary’s fears and convinced her to accept

God’s plan. Nothing is impossible for him, not even the idea of a virgin birth.

When she heard these words, Mary embraced the angel’s message with no more

questions, fear, or anxiety.