Calendar of Events

Upcoming dates to remember for 2018

August 30 – CWL Executive Meeting

September 4 – CWL General Meeting

September 29 – Diocesan Pot Luck, all CWL members are welcome

September 27 – CWL Executive Meeting

October 2 – CWL General Meeting

October 4 – Sisters in Spirit Rally (supporting the families of murdered and missing Indigenous women)

October 17 – Archbishop’s Charity Dinner

November 1 – CWL Executive Meeting

November 6 – CWL General Meeting

December 1 – Diocesan Advent Retreat (information to follow)

*Note that not all activities are listed...dates for events such as our Christmas Bazaar have yet to be determined

** Some dates may have to be changed,

An “official” calendar will be sent out in September.