Clergy Search



St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania seeks a loving rector who will lead the congregation so that, through its total life, the parishioners know and share Christ, and so that the parish as an institution demonstrates positive spiritual presence and ministry in the community and participates in diocesan life.

Located in downtown Johnstown, St. Mark’s is the only Episcopal Church in a 30-mile radius.  Our members travel from the surrounding suburbs with some commuting from distances of ten or more miles to attend worship and parish events.  Most activity occurs on Sundays and the buildings are currently underutilized during the week. We have experienced a decline in attendance and finances since our split in 2009 when a large portion of the Diocese of Pittsburgh realigned with the Province of the Southern Cone, and rely more heavily on our endowment to balance our budget.  Our core laity are multitasking and we find ourselves with limited time, energy and resources to implement programs and ministries that will serve the community and attract new members.  

We seek a Rector who:

  • Is ordained in ECUSA (a Transitional Deacon would be considered)
  • Is spiritually grounded in the Via Media and able to minister to a congregation that is diverse theologically
  • Possesses both spiritual and intellectual wisdom to minister to a congregation that is diverse liturgically and sociologically
  • Has the energy and resourcefulness to increase member attendance at worship and develop additional leadership within the parish
  • Has the vision and will to engage the laity to problem solve, establish goals and a mission.
  • Will help us use our parish’s location and spiritual heritage creatively in the community’s life.
The Rector’s responsibilities include:
  • Conducting worship and preaching
  • Ministering in family life situations both joyous and grievous
  • Performing baptisms, marriages and burials
  • Calling on the sick and shut-in
  • Representing the parish to the community and the larger church
  • Serving in local and diocesan organizations 

To apply for our Rector position, please submit:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • OTM ministry portfolio
  • Sample sermon
  • List of references
  • Statement describing why you are exploring a call to ministry at St. Mark’s (500 words)

Materials may be submitted to or via USPS to:

Saint Mark's Rector Search, c/o Mr. Richard Burket, PO Box 1889, Johnstown PA 15907

We will begin reviewing applications immediately and continue until we are prepared to submit our candidate to our Vestry.