The Story of St. Kuriakose                      

His Saint’s Day, celebrated as Perunaal, falls on the 15th of July

St.Kuriakose Chapel at Ayyampilly (near Cherai, Ernakulam district of Kerala, India) is a unique Church of the Malankara Orthodox Church. This uniqueness is attributed to the fact that it is the only Church among the Malankara Orthodox Churches, to possess the Holy Relics of Mor Kuriakose Sahado, deposited in the year 1957, by H.H.Moran Mar Baselios Geevarghese II, Catholicose of the East.

The Story :

Mor Kuriakose Sahada (also called Sahado; meaning 'martyr') is an infant martyr of unmatched glory. He received martyrdom at the tender age of three, along with his devout mother Yulithy, in the year 303 AD. The mother and son were said to have fallen into the hands of the persecutors of Seleucia. Yulithy refused to answer their questions or deny her faith at her trial before the Governor of Seleucia. Enraged at her defiance, the Governor began questioning the child. A prefect tried to save the child, but the child answered all their promises and threats alike, saying "I am a Christian". He did so until in a rage, the Governor dashed the little child's head on the steps of the tribunal, killing the child instantly. His mother, in her tortures leading to crucifixion, thanked Heaven for her child's glorious martyrdom. 

The touching story of the mother and child made a deep impression. Perhaps more, from the wide dispersion of their supposed relics which were said to have been brought from Antioch to Auxerre by St.Amator. The Relics having been brought in approximately 400 AD, were thence dispersed.

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  The Relic of  St. Kuriakose

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Inscription on the Relic

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