Children and Youth

 May News:

Dear families,

I've been thinking of you all, and miss seeing you!! I wish we had a sense of when we will be able gather safely as a church family again, but at least we can send messages, emails, and talk on the phone.... or far apart on the front yard! If you'd like a "safely distanced" front yard visit, just say the word!

As St. John's is a "hands-on" church, here are our current suggestions of ministry that all ages can safely do during this time of quarantine. Reaching out will make a big difference to someone in need and will add some joy to your life as well! 

❤️ Would you like to write a letter and/or make a drawing for one of the elders of our parish? A card or picture would surely cheer up one of our home-bound parishioners. If you're interested, please sign up on the google invitation that I've sent out, or email me if you can't find it. (For privacy reasons I cannot list parishioners' addresses here on the webpage.)

❤️  We continue to make sandwiches & donate fresh fruit to Ecclesia Ministries so that they can offer (with safe distancing) take-out breakfast and lunches for homeless men and women in Boston. Our next delivery is Friday, May 29. Thank you to all who have helped out during the past five weeks! If you are interested, please email me.

❤️ This year our Mite Box collection goes UrbanPromise Honduras, and we collected $1,149.50! UrbanPromise offers children's after-school and camp programs, middle and high school academic support, and jobs for many in the community of Copàn. During this time of quarantine, U.P.H. is providing much needed food for the families of children and youth who otherwise would be attending programs. You can take a look at their wonderful website here: 

Feel free to call or email any time!

Sending love to you all,

781-264-2099 (cell)
781-461-1178 (h)

 Youth Program
“St. John's is a nurturing faith community in which young people come to understand, accept, and live their Christian faith as they mature from childhood through adolescence.  To help young people develop a relationship with God and live faithfully in the world, we study scripture, nourish spiritual growth through prayer and worship, and encourage active participation in outreach.”        
                                          Emily Sugg,  
Minister of Children & Youth

High school students, grades 9 through 12

At this age-level, we connect scripture to the world around us, deepen our prayer lives, and integrate fully into different areas of parish life. High School class meets once a month, and there are at least one or two outreach opportunities monthly. Serving at at Oasis, Epiphany School, or tutoring at C.H.S. enable this age group to focus on living into our role as disciples. Many of our High School Youth participate annually in the CityReach program, run by Ecclesia Ministries, Boston. In June of 2017, we served in Copan, Honduras with our partner parish, C.H.S., working at two after-school programs. Confirmation Preparation class is held for youth in grades 9 and 10, in alternate years.

Middle school students, grades 6 through 8

Church School classes at this level meet twice a month, with students and their teachers joining families and friends at the time of the Peace so that they may receive Holy Eucharist. Youth in this age group are encouraged to begin participating as worship assistants (readers, acolytes, prayer leaders) during the 10:00 a.m. service on Sundays. We volunteer on a regular basis at the Norwood Food Pantry.

Kindergarten through grade 5

Weekly classes are offered for children age 5 and older, beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays. Children and their teachers join their families to receive Holy Eucharist together. 

Nursery for infants & toddlers (through age 4)

Ellen Stryer, our Nursery Care-giver provides loving care during our 10:00 a.m. service, September through June. She is assisted each week by a middle or high school youth volunteer. During July and August, we encourage parents to bring children to worship at 10:00 a.m.

Children of all ages are always welcome, year-round, to participate in all parts of our worship services.

Story time in the Nursery