Vestry Minutes

Vestry highlights, December 2015

*The vestry approved a proposal to have an online limited-access photo directory for the parish. Speak to Betsy Sears for information.

*Reports were heard concerning the work of the Hospitable Space Team, a successful St. Nicholas Day (59 attending), $646 raised for African Team Ministries, a new Christmas Services banner;

*work completed on removal of rectory skylight, new handrail and walkway completed and up to code.

*The vestry has approved and St. John’s Nursery School has approved and signed a Letter of Agreement for 2016-2017.

*The treasurer reported a healthy financial picture for 2015, expenses on track, just a few pledges behind and the December receipts outstanding.

*Stewardship drive has reached its 2016 goal, showing good increase in amounts pledged, 4 new households participating, a few more hoped for, as the total number of pledges lags behind 2015 so far.

*next meeting Jan. 14th about 11:30am.

*Parish Annual Meeting following the Sunday service and coffee on January 31st. The slate for election is almost complete – nominations will be accepted from the floor.

   Voting members should be regular communicant worship attendees, giving for the work of Christ’s reign, and taking a share in the work of the church.