Sunday, November 25: 10:00 a.m.

Stewardship Speech by Philip Bligh:

St. Johns has been an incredibly meaningful part of my life since I was a kid, and I want to share with all of you what this community means to me, especially through service. All of the service trips that we do are really impactful, but there have been three life-changing service opportunities that St. Johns has given me.

The first one was volunteering at Abundant Table in Norwood. This was my first real volunteer trip, and I had no idea what to expect of it. I was only in Middle School, and for the first time I realized that there were people in need almost everywhere, even five minutes from where I lived. It made me reflect on how lucky I was to know where my food was coming from every night.

The first time that I did City Reach was another one of these impactful moments. We spent the evening listening to stories from homeless people, and got a tour around the Boston Common area from their perspective. I still remember many of their stories today, from people that battled drug addiction, to those who couldn’t pay medical bills and were forced out on the street. The morning after my group was tasked with distributing socks to hundreds of people who would spend the cold winter outside. I knew homelessness was a major problem, but this trip humanized the issue through real interactions.

Lastly, the service trip to Honduras was a truly life changing experience. I went with kids from St. John's and the Church of the Holy Spirit in Mattapan, and the connection between our two parishes is unique in itself. My favorite memory of the whole trip was when I read a Dr. Seuss book to a bunch of kids all gathered around on the steps to the school. Instead of just asking me to read the Spanish, they wanted me to translate it into English so they could better communicate with me. The trip connected me with another region of the earth that I had no connection with before, and it made me realize how lucky I am to even have running water or functioning electricity.

St. Johns has taught me that simply doing the volunteer work isn’t enough. We didn’t just serve food at Abundant Table, we knew we could do more. We have volunteered at Rosie's place, Oasis, Epiphany, and more, to try to create as much of an impact that we can.

When we went to City Reach, we didn’t forget about the connections we had made with the homeless in Boston. Instead, we host annual picnics and bowling trips where I can speak with the same people I met the first time I did City Reach.

After coming back from Honduras we did a lot more than just reflect on our week together. We have become even more involved in Urban Promise through grant money and board members, and we are planning another trip for the future.

St. Johns taught me the true meaning of service. That creating connections with the people I meet can be far more important than volunteering itself. So during this stewardship season I ask everyone to think about the ways in which St. Johns has changed your life, because it has changed mine in ways that I will never be able to repay.


WEEKLY SCHEDULE                          

Sunday Worship: 10:00  a.m. 
Wednesday Eucharist: 10:15 a.m 

This is St. John's Episcopal Church... please click on photo below to see more photos of church life!

This is St. John's Episcopal Church, Westwood MA

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Rev. Dr. Jennifer M. Phillips
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Jennifer joins us at the Norwood Sports Center for bowling with members of Ecclesia Ministries.

Tuesday, November 20, 10:00 a.m.:

Several St. John's volunteers will deliver 45 turkeys to the elders  at the Center for Life in Mattapan.  Thank you so much to all who donated either turkeys or funds to buy them! 

Tuesday, November 20, 7:00 - 8:15 p.m.Bible Study at the Rectory, followed by Celtic style Compline service at 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday, November 21, 10:15 a.m.: Holy Eucharist

Sunday, November 25, 10:00 a.m.:
Holy Eucharist 

Looking Ahead:

Saturday, December 8, 10:00 a.m. - Noon: St. Nicholas Day event for children in the Narthex (decorating gingerbread cookies below)

Sunday, December 16, 10:00 a.m.: Our Christmas Pageant! The rehearsals will be on Sunday, December 9 after church, Saturday morning, December 15, and a quick run-though the morning of the rehearsal. Stay tuned for more details!

Christian Discipleship in Action via St. John’s

Come join in:

Oasis Ministrieswe cook and serve a monthly hot chicken dinner to about 100 homeless neighbors in downtown Boston on 2nd Mondays.

Ecclesia outreachwe invite homeless and poor neighbors from Boston to Hale Reservation for a summer picnic and for a Spring bowling afternoon in Norwood.

Tutoring after-school reading and homework help for city children at Church of the Holy Spirit, Mattapan on Tuesday afternoons.

Pantry support for the Westwood Food Pantry and the Center for Life elderly housing complex in Mattapan – bring non-perishable groceries to church year round.

Habitat for Humanity home buildcoming soon, a St. John’s team to help build an affordable home in Westwood.

Prayer Shawlsknitting group prayerfully makes shawls for people facing illness or crisis.

Urban Promise Honduras missioners from St. John’s & CHS travel to learn and work with children at a school in Copan every few years.

Boston B-SAFE summer program our team works during a July week each year to provide meals and a field trip & picnic for this large city children’s program.

Eucharistic Visiting members are trained and take the Sacrament, offer healing prayer, and make friendly visits to people who are homebound, in hospital, or other institutional settings.

Speak to Rev. Jennifer if you’d like to put your discipleship to work in one or more of these parish ministries!