Hospitality Ministry Recruitment

Our First Assignment​:Hospitali​ty Ministry Recruitmen​t
April 2, 2011

We will start recruitment for members of our new Hospitality Ministry this weekend.  You will find the poster, drop box and sign-up cards in the gathering area at the back of the lower church. The drop box is really just for privacy purposes.
Here’s what I hope we can accomplish for the next 3 weekends to make our recruitment a success:
  • Announcement at the end of mass (including Vietnamese and Spanish) regarding this effort. 
  • Before speaking to anyone, pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance so you can carry this task effectively and to inspire our fellow parishioners so that they may be willing to help. Please do not forget to sign in the attendance book next to the drop box. 
  • Please keep in mind that we are inside the house of God.  So, remember to talk reverently.
  • Try to come early to church and approach fellow parishioners who are already volunteering as ushers/greeters.  Give them a sign-up card to fill out.  Ask them if they can help you find new volunteers at the end of mass.
  • When the mass is over, head to our recruitment table at the back of the church.
  • Ask people you already know to join the new ministry.
  • Suggested opening line: “Hi, my name is ___ and I serve in our parish’ Evangelization Committee. One of our goals is to revitalize our parish community.  Recently, we
    decided to formally launch a new ministry. So, we are looking for people who can represent our parish as a friendly and welcoming community; to serve in the Hospitality Ministry. How would y ou like to help us change someone’s life in 30 seconds or less? “
  •  Some people may not feel comfortable to shake hands, a SMILE and a nod should be fine.
  • Some parishioners might be hesitant to sign up because of the fear of getting  tied to a volunteer assignment, forever.  Assure them that training and periodical workshops (for example, communication skills and spiritual development) will be provided.   Let them know too that commitments are renewable every 6 months – they will serve at least 1 Sunday a month.   
  • Inform people that the sign-up cards will still be available in the next few weeks.  So, if they change their mind or find somebody else who might be interested, just feel free to fill out one of the cards next time.
  •  Thank everyone you speak with, wish them a great week ahead and that you anticipate to see them again next Sunday.  (Remember their faces and first names so you can actually say hi next week! J) If they signed up, let them know that someone will call them about orientation.
  • If they have more questions, please have them call or email me.
  • I’d like to make sure that we’ll be able to cover all scheduled masses so please let me know which mass you will be attending in the next 3 weekends.