"...featuring some of the best fist to face responses I've seen." 

Many people say that we live in a culture of violence. We glorify war, blood, and masculinity. If there was ever a poster child for this new age of brutality it would be Hockey, specifically the ice kind. Goon is a film about being true to one’s self. It’s a tale of victory over mounting adversity. Most importantly, Goon is about beating the shit out of people hilariously.

There’s a real treat to be had when you sit down and watch a properly funny film. Comedy is where Goon really shines. The film’s script is simple yet self-aware. Doug, the protagonist, is as loveable as a giant teddy bear and as dangerous as the less stuffed Kodiak version. The film takes the concept of punch line to a whole new level, featuring some of the best fist to face responses I’ve seen. The fighting is the message. So, as a disclaimer I guess, if you don’t like hockey violence don’t watch Goon?

Now that those douchebags are gone we can talk about how wonderful hockey violence is.

Okay, I may be over selling the violence here. The film is totally solid outside the rink, too. (Doug fights people outside as well, but that’s not the point.) It has an adorably off-beat love story, an indie pedigree without shoving it down your throat, and Liev Schreiber who is just kind of awesome. It’s like watching The Mighty Ducks except two men ate all the children and then started fighting. It’s nothing like The Mighty Ducks.

I’d also like to see Alison Pill in a lot more films. She has a really interesting screen presence. Go watch Goon today; it’s worth your time.