note from Mrs.Luisa Pace

note from Mrs.Luisa Pace

Luisa Pace

Italy Correspondent

Secretary General 

European Journalists Network

Paris, November 2008

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing you about the magazine Sveti Dunav, or Saint Danube, that was presented me and other members of the European Journalists Network by its Editor in chief Daniela Stojkovic in occasion of our recent visit to Novi Sad and more in general to Serbia.

In my opinion, also as a member of an association supporting medias of language minorities, the major quality of this magazine is that is possible to find in its pages many information about the Danube region. We’ve not to forget that this historical river touches 11 countries and also new members of EU. The interest of this growing project (now in Serbian and in English, soon in French) is that it can host also many information of non danubian countries and act as a strong link and an instrument of information for readers with different interests:  culture in a wide sense, literature, mythology, history, music, theatre, modern dance… but also economy, environmental protection with a special approach of tourism.  It’ obvious that its contents can change depending of world changes.

Along the Danube, turning pages, living photos and pictures you can enter a quite unknown world, like a dream but so true:  only one river for one magazine but with so many different writers.


For all these reasons, and also for the fact that this magazine is born in Serbia, a country that isn’t yet in Europe in the “administrative sense” but was able to create a high quality an instrument of information about the whole Europe, I really thing that Sveti Dunav must be supported with every means. The creators personally resisted to war, protecting their creation, in spite of all the problems linked to the situation. I could write much more but I think is enough for the moment.

So take time to read the magazine and you will understand my passion for this project.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Luisa Pace