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Program Overview

"If we are to teach real peace in this world...we shall have to begin with the children." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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    Welcome!  I'm Miss Oakley, Saint Clair Elementary / Middle School's ESL teacher.  If you ever want to contact me, you are always welcome to come into school, call, or write.  Here is my contact information.
227 South Mill Street                                       (570) 429-2716                                    oakley@saintclairsd.org
Saint Clair, PA 17970                                                                                          http://saintclairsdesl.blogspot.com/
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    I am always impressed with the students who participate in our school's ESL program.  Not only do they take on the daily challenge of strengthening their English language skills, but they are doing that while also learning the content information in all of their subject areas.  They often make this task look easy, but we realize that they are working extremely hard.  My role is to help students in their efforts to develop their English skills, support families as their children go through our school system, and provide assistance to our classroom teachers.  Our school also has a goal to make sure all of our students know that their languages and cultural backgrounds are valued.           
    A home language survey is included in the registration packet for every child who enrolls in our school.  Based on children's home language surveys and state guidelines, an assessment may be given to help determine their level of English language proficiency.  Their scores on this assessment indicate whether or not they are entitled to ESL services. 
    The ESL program provides students with opportunities for support to varying degrees depending on their individual needs.  All students are working towards attaining the state's grade level standards.  Teachers hold our ESL students to these same high expectations, however, they take their students' English proficiency levels into account when setting lesson goals and planning instruction.  Many of the teaching strategies and supports they put into place benefit all of the students in their classrooms.
    The ESL program is in place to help students in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Based on students' needs, I follow a schedule that allows me to both go into the classrooms to assist the teachers and also use my classroom to provide small group instruction.  For ESL students in the beginning stages of learning English, ESL takes the place of language arts in the curriculum.  It is recognized by the state as a core subject.
    Students continue in the ESL program until they meet the state's exit criteria.  Once they exit, they begin a two year monitoring stage in order to help ensure that they are able to achieve success in all of their classes.  After the two years of monitoring are complete, students officially exit the ESL program.   I am very proud of the students we have had in our ESL program over the years.  It is wonderful to be able to see their progress and always exciting when they are ready to exit the program!       
    *I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize how hard the families of our ESL students work and thank them for all of the support I have received since this program began.  Thank you!*           
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Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on DiscoverySchool.com (www.discoveryschool.com)
Aug 8, 2018, 9:03 AM