What We Believe

Statements of belief:

We believe there is One God who creates all things, redeems us from sin and death, and renews us as the children of God.

We believe that Jesus is God's son, sent by God to become human like us. He was born on Earth of a virgin, by the power of the Holy Spirit. For the sake of sinful humanity, Jesus was condemned to death by crucifixion. On the third day after his physical death, Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to his followers as the risen, physically risen Lord. By this great victory God has declared the Good News of reconciliation.

We believe the Christian Church is made up of those who have been baptized and thus have received Christ as the Son of God and Savior of humanity. We believe that we are part of a community of faith that began with the gift of the Holy Spirit, and God's eternal presence among us.

What we believe about the Bible:

We believe that Scripture is the word of God contained in the Old and New Testaments that comprise the Holy Bible. While we recognize differences in the way the Bible should be studied and interpreted, it is accepted as the primary and authoritative witness to the church's faith. We read selections from the Old Testament, and New Testament including readings from the four Gospels.

What our worship services are like:

We are a liturgical church, which means that we use a form of worship that allows participation by all worshipers present. We sing hymns, pray, read lessons and partake in Holy Communion at each worship service. St. Barnabas' specific worship service is derived from both the Lutheran and Episcopal traditions.

Who may receive Communion:

All Christians who have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are welcome at the Lord's Table. Children who have been baptized may also receive Communion.

How to become a member of St. Barnabas Episcopal-Lutheran Church:

While membership is not required, we encourage you to become a member. If you are a baptized Christian, you may signify your intention to become a member by attending church regularly and joining in the life of the church community. If you desire to make a formal commitment, you may speak to one of our pastors./priest who will arrange instruction in the faith before you are baptized. This applies to adults and older children. Parents wishing to have infants or children baptized may arrange this with the one of the pastors/priests.

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