Nola has a great idea for hospitality- we work as a team each week.

 Each Sunday will be broken down into four categories: 1) Main Dish; 2) Side/Salad; 3) Dessert; 4) Drinks/Bread

 Main Dish can be sandwiches, casserole, chicken, soup, meat, etc., any food that you would build a luncheon around.

 Side/Salad of your choosing could be vegetable dish, relish tray, bag of chips or your favorite salad.

 Dessert – Probably something sweet like cookies, cake, pie, fresh fruit or something chocolate.

 Drinks/Bread – Some diet drinks and some regular, ice tea – both sweet and unsweetened, hot cider, hot chocolate,

 any thing that goes with the season.  Feel free to check with the main dish provider, as an example if they are

 preparing spaghetti, garlic bread would be a good choice.

 If for some reason you sign up to bring something and have a last minute emergency, please call Nola at 397-3678 and it

will be taken care of. 

St. Barnabas Church,
Jun 12, 2011, 2:22 PM