Biography of Saint Barnabas

In 1994, Episcopal parishioners and Lutheran members had to travel outside of Jefferson County to worship.  To alleviate this situation, All Saints Episcopal Church and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, both of Morristown, TN, joined forces to create a blended Episcopal-Lutheran presence in Jefferson County.  That Church became Saint Barnabas Episcopal- Lutheran Church, in full communion with the Episcopal Church in America and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.  We are currently served by Episcopal Priest, Mary Margaret Blanchard, and Lutheran Minister, Bob Miller.  These ordained clergy alternate Sundays to give us a unique worshiping experience.  Our congregation is made up of Lutherans, Episcopals, and other denominations.  You need not be Episcopal or Lutheran to be welcomed to our services, however, anyone seeking a closer relationship with Christ will be a joyful addition to our loving congregational family.  

Our mission statement is as follows; ”Saint Barnabas is an open community that encourages Christian values and unity by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through: Biblically structured (liturgical) worship; caring fellowship; sound education; loving service, and community outreach.”  We hold Sunday services at 10:30 am at 807 East Ellis Street, Jefferson City, TN.  Saint Barnabas music is a blend of traditional and contemporary, with the fourth Sunday having guitar and banjo accompaniment.  Following Sunday’s service we offer wonderful fellowship and hospitality.  We feel strongly that sharing a meal fosters unity and nourishes the spirit.