St. Anne, New Castle

St. Anne's roots go as far back as 1839,
 when dozens of workers came to east
central Indiana while railroads were being constructed. As many Irish Catholic famlies began to migrate here, Father Herman Alerding was appointed to serve the area. In 1872, he purchased land to build a quaint, country church. In 1881, St. Anne Catholic Church received its first resident pastor.

  When the congregation began to outgrow the original church, plans for a larger church on the corner of 19th and Broad Streets began to take shape. The new church was was completed in 1924. St. Anne School followed 25 years later, operating from 1951 to 1982.

   A tragic arson fire destroyed the church in 2007.
Although no one was seriously injured in the fire, the hearts of St. Anne parishioners were broken when we learned the fire resulted in the total loss of our beloved church.

   Out of ashes, new life began. Through the grace of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, our hopes were realized in 2010,
when we dedicated a new St. Anne
Catholic Church at the same location.
St. Anne parish has emerged as a parish family stronger than ever in faith, hope and love.

  St. Rose of Lima, Knightstown

During the 1850’s Irish Catholics settled
 around Raysville and Knightstown to work on the Railroads. In 1857, Catholics of the area celebrated Mass in various homes of the faithful. In 1872, Fr. Joseph Alerding saw a need for a church in this area, and helped to establish a typical white framed, mission church on the corner of Adams and Pine streets in Knightstown.

    Between the years of 1920-1930  there  was talk of closing the St. Rose mission because people were afraid to come to church because of the KuKlux Klan in the area. But a handful of determined St. Rose people kept this from happening.

In 1950, land was purchased just west of Knightstown and   the planning and fund raising began for a new church.   Dedication of the new St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church took place on September 30, 1951. In 1960, the house adjoining the property of the church was purchased for use as a Rectory. In 1960, the St. Rose Church was granted parish status and Reverend
James Shanahan became the first resident pastor.
    St. Rose Catholic Church has both changed, and grown, gradually during the years. There have been different interior arrangements, customs, and organizational ideas tested, with some discontinued and others cultivated.

 On July 1, 2016 St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church officially merged with St. Anne Church in New Castle. Under this merger St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church became St. Rose Chapel. St. Anne and St. Rose Chapel will share a priest and other resources to better accommodate the parishioners of Henry County. One of the goals of this merger is to grow the Religious Education programs and organizations by combining the people and making them stronger.