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New for 2012

St Albans Judo Club Competition Squad

St Albans Judo Club is justifiably proud of its competition squad, which has an excellent reputation for high standards of conduct, and a commitment to development and team support. We are always keen to welcome new members to the team.

The squad is not elitist, talent based or high performance. It is open to any club member that wants to take part in competitive Judo as long as they are prepared to put the time and effort in to their training and to show dedication to their team mates.

The main aims are to encourage its members to be part of a team, to help encourage and develop their judo skills and support each other at competitive events.

Any St Albans Judo club member can be part of the squad as long as they are prepared to put the time and effort in to their training and to show dedication to their team mates.

As part of the squad, all member will be expected to represent St.Albans Judo club at any competition, club or course they attend. Up holding the high standards of behavior the club expects from its members.

All Squad members will be presented with a squad badge that must be worn when attending any judo event or competition.

In return for this commitment to training the club will fund entries to a variety of competitions across the year. Members will be entered into competitions which their coaches feel will provide them with the right challenge and contribute to their long term development.

When attending competitions the club will provide dedicated coaches to support members and their families, helping to ensure that all participants get the most out the opportunity.

For each event that the squad attends a team captain will be nominated from the members by their coaches and it will be their responsibility to look after there teams on the day and to report back to the club on the success of the squad by way of a written report.

The code of conduct

A Squad member will...
  • Put the time and effort in to their training
  • Work as part of the team
  • Help and support other team members
  • Wear a St Albans Judo club badges on their gi when representing the club at all events they attend
  • Act as an ambassador for the club, and a role model to other club members

Boot camp

Well done to all of you that attended boot camp (2nd April 2012) you all worked extremely hard. Keep it up in the future! Over the coming weeks there could be some presentations of badges to the first of many SAJC squad members.

A big thank you to Andrew, Seb, Guy, Gemma and not forgetting Jordan Butler for all the coaching they put in today!!