Chief instructor

Andrew Paveley

2nd Dan

Age: 37
Favourite film: Black Hawk Down
Favourite food: Sausage and mash
Favourite music: Foo Fighters
Other interests: Liverpool FC, Formula 1, Cycling

I have been doing Judo for over 25 years starting at the club as a little 7 year old. I've competed at club, area, national and international level throughout my career. I have held the position of Chief Instructor for the past 7 years. My favourite moment in Judo was when I achieved Black belt (1st Dan).

You'll find out that I'm not far away from my family when I'm at the Judo Club since my mum, dad and two sisters are often there either instructing, helping out or socialising.

Assistant chief instructors

Bob Cleevely

3rd Dan

Bob started judo when 42 years old. His current age is unknown!

Malcolm Paveley

3rd Dan

Age: as old as the club
Occupation: groundsman
Favourite food: Cadburys chocolate
Favourite music: pop music
Favourite film: Return Of The Jedi
Other interests: Fast cars, wildlife programmes, my wife and kids (who you might see around the club!)

I have been doing judo for 23 years. I started when my youngest daughter decided that she wanted to follow in my other two kids' footsteps. At the time St Albans judo club had started an over active parents session. I was told to have a go, and put my money where my mouth was, by one of the instructors at the time!

My favourite moments in judo have been watching my three children compete at a wide variety of competitions and seeing them gain their black belts. After 26 years involved in the club I was awarded life membership in 2008.

Darren Rolph

2nd Dan

Age: 38
Favourite film: Despicable me, Chronicles of Riddick
Favourite Group: Foo fighters
Favourite Food: White Chocolate Mice
Other interests: Motor Racing, Concerts (live music), judo, judo & more judo

I have been on the mat for 24 years. I started Judo through a friend whose dad was a chief instructor at a local judo club and I never looked back (or escaped). I was lucky enough to enjoy all aspects of judo from a young age as I had the opportunity to coach as well as train and contest. I have had some great experiences on the mat over the years and I am still having fun. (Just takes a bit longer to recover these days.)

Head session instructors

Barry Sliney

2nd Dan

Age: 60
Occupation: Openreach (BT) coach
Family: Married, three children
Other interests: cars, fitness training and bullterrier dogs
Favourite film: Lethal Weapon
Favourite food: Steak
Favourite music: Seventies rock

Judo history started judo at Borehamwood judo club in 1974 training three times a week at Campians School and the sport centre, I joined St Albans Judo Club in 1992 and have been a junior and senior coach/ instructor at St Albans for 16 years also a junior coach/ instructor at WGC junior Judo club for 20 years. Over the years I have competed in national and local BJC and BJA competitions.

Gemma Paveley-Burns

1st Dan

Age: 34
Occupation: finance supervisor
Favourite film: Holiday
Favourite food: chicken nuggets
Favourite music: R&B
Other interests: shopping for heels, shopping for bags shopping shopping shopping shopping!!!!

I've been doing judo for 23 years. I started when I was seven after sitting on the side having to watch my big brother and sister having all the fun. Soon after I started I was competing on a regular basis against my big sis who beat me every time! (Only because I let her!!!)

I try to attend as many competitions as possible to support the kids when they are competing because I always had the support from my instructors when I was younger. The thing I love most about my time in judo is the extended family I have gained through the judo club.

Ricky Cleevely

5th Dan

Jad Harris

 2nd Dan

Age: 40+
Occupation: IT Support
Family: Just Kim, who you'll generally find on the judo mat with me.
Other interests: Computer games, science fiction, American TV dramas (like NCIS, Hawaii-5-O), tall ships
Favourite Film: Recently - Harry Potter, Ever - An Officer & A Gentleman
Favourite Food: Hmmm, this is hard, I like lots of things, but not much green stuff! Kim says I should put Chocolate Buttons, cos that's probably my most asked for treat.
Favourite Music: Extremely varied, everything from heavy metal to 50s crooners!

I started judo at a BJC club in Peterborough at age 10 and trained for around 3 years, reaching a grade of 3rd Kyu Ni (Blue). Had a couple of years break, then during my A-level year did my first spell of coaching helping one of my old Instructors in his Primary class. Gave up judo again once I got to university and finally fell headlong back into it at St Albans during December 2000. I took over the Wednesday primary class in 2005 and that's where you'll still find me!

Zoli Borzak

2nd Dan

Age: 60
Occupation: Surveyor
Favourite film: Most comedies or action films.
Favourite food: I like to experiment but Hungarian flavours are the best.
Favourite music: I like all types of music except rock. Music I listen to depends on my mood. Best instruments are saxophone, piano and violin.
Other interests: Judo takes up most of my time but I enjoy my music, food garden and table tennis, which I used to play regularly before judo took over.

Best judo moments: I have 2...
  1. Representing GB at the 1st World Kata Championships in Malta.
  2. Seeing those that I helped to coach shine in their judo.

Seb Gray

1st Dan

Age: 28
Occupation: School Teacher
Favourite film: 101 Judo Ippons
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite music: Talking Heads
Other interests: More music

Practicing Judo since the age of 5, I have been training and competing under the BJC and BJA at local, area, national and international events. I was awarded my black belt at the age of 16.  I have been fortunate enough to train with some of the world’s best Judoka. Following a 3 year stint with TeamBath based at the university, I have focused on passing on some of my skills to others.

Lisa Paveley

2nd Dan

Age: 36
Occupation: Carer for disabled children
Favourite films: Bad Boys 2 / Dirty Dancing
Favourite food: Pizza & Chocolate (not together though)
Favourite Music: Cheese! & Take That
Other Interests: Theme Parks, Travelling, Family

I have been practicing judo since I was 7, starting at SAJC on a Friday night. I wasn't allowed on the mat until my brother had been training a year (I always said it was to give him a head start but he says it was because I wasn't old enough!) I earned my black belt at 19 having to fight the men (and beating them!). I have been training & competing under the BJC & BJA at club, area, national & international competitions. I have been lucky enough to meet, and train with some fantastic judoka over the years, and have gained a great judo family. I enjoy passing on my knowledge to the children and have fun doing so.

Steve Mills

1st Dan

Age: 21 + 21 + years
Occupation: Stage hypnotist, hypno therapist, property consultant and glamour model
Favourite TV: Sherlock
Favourite food: I like all foods, the best food in my opinion is the type shared with good company
Favourite music: Justin Beiber - Baby baby baby oooh, I mean Michael Buble
Other interests: Magic, hypnosis, psychology, Tottenham Hotspur, comedy

I've been doing Judo since I was 6 years old, starting due to my father being interested in Judo as a competitor. Remarkably given my age (see above) I've achieved a fair amount in this short time. My favourite thing about Judo is the family, over the years I have been very lucky to have built a strong Judo family all across the globe.

Family: Two daughters Emily & Bethany and a son named James, fifteen chickens, three geese and two ducks all unnamed, apart from one duck called Jed, as he looks like one of the Jedward twins.

Club instructors

Kim Banham

1st Dan

Age: 48
Occupation: ICT Field Services Team Leader
Favourite film: Bladerunner
Favourite food: Sushi (food going round on conveyor belts - brilliant!)
Favourite music: Metal: Metallica, Rammstein, Threat Signal; assorted EBM; and, because I am that old, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan & New Order - to name a few
Other interests: SciFi - see Favourite Film, plus enjoying the current incarnations of Dr. Who, watching re-runs (again) of Star Trek TOS & NG & V and I'm having another go playing the Tron: Legacy game!

Judo: Well, I thought I was going to be the driver, would be in a corner somewhere while Jad trained. Turned out the only place to sit was 6 feet [that's 2 metres or 1 mat width ;-)] away from someone on their first night learning breakfalls with Ian Wasey - and for 90 minutes I watched fascinated. Was on the mat myself the following week - that was nearly 12 years ago!

Matt Lish

2nd Dan

Aka 'The Bear' , Captain Party!
Age: 42
Occupation: Paramedic
Favourite film: Star Wars, Bad Boys 2
Favourite food: Pasta
Favourite music: Iron Maiden
Other interests: Sleeping, Watching TV, Military History

I first joined St. Albans Judo Club back in 1985 as an 11 year old working my way up to Green Belt. After a 'brief' absence of 19 years I returned to the club when my 2 sons Thomas and Paddy took up Judo. Since then it's been hard to keep us away from the club. As well as helping teach on several classes I am also the club's current Chairman.

My favourite Judo moment was achieving my Black belt (1st Dan) this summer, but not much could beat watching my sons win their 1st Judo medals.

Dave Toy

1st Kyu