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2012, July, Grading

On Saturday the 7th of July we had our grading and barbecue. It was a big success.

The grading was challenging but we pulled through with 87 of us leaving with one tab and some people even left with two! It was very nerve-racking especially with our parents watching and the instructors' being strict holding their clipboards and hiding them from you. The suspense was held for what seemed ages before we found out our results. We had to line up along the edge and go up in turn to shake Andrew’s hand (our Chief Instructor) to get our results.

The barbecue was fun with every one going away with a yummy muffin or a handful of drinks! The bull was fun and everyone had a go on it - even some of the instructors had a go! Though it was very embarrassing when my dad had a go. It was hard to stay on it, I just had to go on there again and again. I hope the next barbecue will be just as successful!

Written by Lucy Proudman (one of the judoka who graded on the day)

Please send in any pictures you have from the grading or BBQ.

Here are some photos of people riding the "Inflata - Bull" from the BBQ...