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2016, Jul, Shizentai Rumble

A fantastic number of entries from SAJC for this great local competition.

Well done to all of you, especially if it was your first competition. Everybody put in 100% effort into all their fights and we are very proud of all of your results.

Thank you to all the parents and supporters who enable the kids to participate in these competitions and of course thank you to all the organisers of the day, both on and off the mat.



Contestant Group Result
Harrison Rayner-O’connell U22 Silver
Alex Cham U24 Silver
Kristian Hill U24 Bronze
Toby Friend U23 Bronze
Daniel Oldfield U24 Bronze
Ben Wang U25 Bronze
Tor Donkin U25 Bronze
Noah Broadley U28 Silver
Riley Curtis U35 Silver


Contestant Group Result
Cara Pham U22 Gold
Lucile Fenton U23 Silver


Contestant Group Result
George Harbin U25 Silver
Aidan Cham U25 Bronze
Xavier Fenton U25 Gold
Luke O’Brien U26 Bronze
Kodi Rayner-O’Connell U26 Bronze

Contestant Group Result
Amy Reeves U29 Bronze
Jasmine Hough U29 Gold
Nicole Joe U29 Gold
Lauren Reeves U29 Bronze
Neveah Robb U34 Gold
Olivia Wren U34 Bronze
Zenith Ehigiator U42 Gold


Contestant Group Result
Charlie O’Brien U31 Gold
Alex Davies U33 Bronze
Oliver O’Connell U34 Bronze
Corwin Donkin U33 Bronze
Jack O’Brien U37 Bronze
Scott Redshaw U50 Bronze
Jermaine Ehigaitor U57 Gold
Cameron Joe U57 Silver
Brenden Hill U65 Bronze


Contestant Group Result
Molly Rowlatt U38 Bronze
Caitlin Hugo U38 Gold
Alecia Wren U44 Silver
Rebecca Franklin U44 Bronze
Nicola Hugo U44 Bronze
Darcy O’Connell U48 Silver