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2015, Oct, Herts Closed

Held on Sunday 11th October at the St Albans Judo Club dojo.

Well done to all of you who competed in this competition. From those of you who were competing for the first time to those experienced players, you all produced some excellent judo, showed great team spirit and as always, were fantastic ambassadors for the club.

Thankyou to all the organisers and helpers for another fantastic day.

Thanks for the write up and results from Ceris Nash


Primary boys

* - 6 and under
Contestant Weight Result
Kristian Hill * U22kg Silver
Ben Wang * U22kg Bronze
Alex Cham U20kg Gold
George Harbin U22kg Gold
Aidan Cham U23kg Silver
Thomas Ross U23kg Bronze
Leonard Palmai U26kg Silver
Eric Asryan U28kg Gold
Adam Oldfield U28kg Silver
David Limonts U32kg Bronze

Primary girls

Contestant Weight Result
Emily Manson U29kg Gold
Nevaeh Robb U31kg Silver
Katy Manson U31kg Bronze
Molly Rowlatt U34kg Silver
Zenith Ehigiator Randori Gold

Senior men

Contestant Weight Result
Adam Rowley Lightweight Gold
Jimmy Lacey Lightweight Silver
Andrew Cham Lightweight Bronze
Junior boys

* - Experienced
Contestant Weight Result
Ben Goodchild U36kg Gold
Connor Walsh U36kgg Silver
Peter Brady U42kg Gold
Omer Shiekh U42kg Silver
Alex Asryan * U42kg Gold
Xander Masters U53kg Gold
Tom Goodchild U53kg Bronze
Brenden Hill U55kg Gold
Liam Abbott U55kg Silver
Alex Warr U60kg Gold
Jermaine Ehigaitor U60kg Silver
Ryan Hill U70kg Gold

Junior girls

Contestant Weight Result
Dorottya Molnar U40kg Gold
Caitlin Hugo U40kg Silver
Nicola Hugo U40kg Bronze
Rebecca Franklin U40kg Bronze
Hannah Niven U50kg Gold
Melodi Mangan U57kg Gold
Hope Morgan U57kg Silver
Panna Palmai U57kg Bronze