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2015, Nov, BJC Closed Nationals

Held on 22nd Nov 2015.

Another great day at the BJC Nationals. Everybody put 100% effort into their fights and many of you showed fantastic improvement in your competition judo.

As always the support shown to each other was second to none, many staying behind after their own groups had finished, to support their team mates.

Thank you to all the officials whose hard work makes these events possible and thank you to the all the coaches and parents/carers for their continued support.


Primary Boys

Contestant Age
Weight Result
Xavier Fenton 8-9 U24 Silver
Eric Asryan 8-9 U30

Junior Boys

Contestant Age
Weight Result
Brenden Hill 10-12 O55 Silver
Alex Asryan 10-12 U42 Bronze
Max Harris 10-12 U38
Christopher Alvis 10-12 U34
Michael Edwards 13-15 O73 Gold
Ryan Hill 13-15 U73
Tyler Nash 13-15 U73
Arin Mangan 13-15 U60
Xander Masters 13-15 U55 Bronze
Paddy Lish 13-15 U55 Bronze
Charlie Alvis 13-15 U46 Bronze
Junior Girls

Contestant Age
Weight Result
Rebecca Franklin 10-12 U40 Bronze
Dorottya Molnar 10-12 U40 Silver
Emily Niven 13-15 U55 Bronze
Hannah Niven 13-15 U42 Gold

Senior Men

Contestant Group Weight Result
Riki Urquhart Dan Grade U100 Bronze
Connor Nash 1st/2nd Kyu U81 Gold

Senior Ladies

Contestant Group Weight Result
Jemma Johnstone 1st/2nd Kyu U63 Silver
Paige Rowlatt Dan Grade Open Silver

Melodi Mangan and Tom Lish both unfortunately had to pull out due to illness/injury

Thanks to Ceris for writing up the results