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2015, May, BJC Open

This was held on May 3rd in Kettering.

Well done to you all. This was a very big competition, with players from BJC, BJA, AJA and Judo Ireland competing.

The standard of judo was extremely high and all of you showed 100% dedication and effort in all of your contests.

Thank you to all the supporters and coaches who came along to show their support throughout the day, and a big thank you to all the people who helped referee, table official and behind the scenes all day. Without all of you these great competitions would not be possible.

Thanks for the write up by Ceris Nash


Junior Girls

Contestant Category Weight Result
Evie Halvey-Jacobs 10 – 12yrs U40kg Gold
Jemma Johnstone 13 – 15yrs U65kg Silver
Hannah Niven 10 – 12yrs U44kg Gold
Melodi Mangan 13 – 15yrs U52kg Bronze


Contestant Category Weight Result
Connor Nash 16 – 17yrs O73kg Silver
Nick Bramston 1st & 2nd Kyu U73kg Silver
Jessie Edwards 1st & 2nd Kyu U63kg Gold
Tori Cleevely Dan Grade U70kg Bronze
Junior Boys

Contestant Category Weight Result
Ryan Hill 13 – 15yrs U73kg Bronze
Arin Mangan 10 – 12yrs U55kg Silver
Xander Masters 13 – 15yrs U55kg Injured
Thomas Lish 13 – 15yrs O73kg Gold
Michael Edwards 13 – 15yrs O73kg Bronze
Evander Port 13 – 15yrs U42kg
Paddy Lish 13 – 15yrs U50kg Bronze
Alex Asryan 10 – 12yrs U42kg
Charlie Alvis 13 – 15yrs U46kg