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2015, Feb, Southfields Open Championship

On Saturday 7th February, 2015

WELL DONE to all of you who fought in this competition. For many it will have been the first one of the year.
This is a popular competition with SAJC members, from novice to experienced competitors.
You all, as always, put 100% effort into all your fights and were again all great ambassadors for SAJC.
Thank you to all the coaches, parents and friends who came and supported everyone on the mat.

Thank you to Jen for keeping track of all the results throughout the day.

Club Results

Primary Girls

Jolie RossU23kgBronze
Natasha CookU35kgBronze

Primary Boys

Kristian HillU20kgBronze
Alex ChamU20kgBronze
George HarbinU20kgGold
Thomas RossU23kg
Aidan ChamU23kg
Junior Girls

Contestant Weight Result
Rebecca Franklin U35kg Bronze
Evie Halvey-Jacobs U35kg Silver
Hannah Niven U45kg Gold
Jemma Johnstone U60kg Gold

Junior Boys

Contestant Weight Result
Brenden Hill U50kg
Eddie Cook U40kg


Contestant Weight Result
Andrew Cham U60kg