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2014, May, BJC Open National Championship

Held on 4th May 2014 at Kettering Arena Sports, Northamptonshire.

Yet again, another fantastic day for SAJC.
Lots of wins, some losses, but most importantly lots and lots of enthusiasm, hard work and dedication. And of course, not forgetting some fabulous cheering from the sides!

Thank you to Andrew, Gemma, Malcolm, Matt, Ricky, Seb and Steve for their support as coaches on the day.

Also a big thank you to Bob, Darren, Jan, Tori and Zoli for all their support as officials.

And as always big thanks to go out to all the parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents who came and supported all the kids on the day.

Lastly thanks to Jen who seems to have started a fab tradition of ‘team cupcakes’!

And thanks to Ceris for writing the text above, and recording the results.



Contestant Age Weight Result
Alex Asryan 8/9yr U38kg Bronze
Brenden Hill 8/9yr U50kg Silver
Christopher Alvis 8/9yr U30kg


Contestant Age Weight Result
Milena Port 10/11yr U32kg Bronze
Evie Halvey Jacobs 10/11yr U30kg Gold
Charlie Alvis 10/11yr U38kg
Arin Mangan 10/11yr U50kg Bronze
Hannah Niven 10/11yr U44kg Bronze
Emily Niven 12/13yr U44kg Bronze
Ryan Hill 12/13yr U60kg
Paddy Lish 12/13yr U46kg Gold
Michael Edwards 12/13yr O65kg Silver
Melodi Mangan 12/13yr U52kg Bronze
Evander Port 12/13yr U42kg Bronze
Thomas Lish 14/15yr O73kg Silver
Jack Upton 14/15yr U55kg Gold
Tyler Nash 14/15yr U73kg Silver
Jessie Edwards 14/15yr U56kg Gold
Matthew Westcott 14/15yr U55kg
Senior Kyu Grade

Contestant Age Weight Result
Chloe Alvis 16/17yr U66kg Gold
Paige Rowlatt 16/17yr U66kg Bronze
Connor Nash 16/17yr U81kg
Leigh O’Driscoll 3rd/4th kyu O100kg Bronze

Senior Dan Grade

Contestant Category Result
Victoria Cleevely Female Dan Gold