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2014, Jun, Shizentai Rumble

Held on 22nd June 2014 at Hertswood Academy, Borehamwood

An amazing turnout of 40 SAJC members attended this competition on Sunday, from some of the youngest primary members, right through to seniors.
It was a great competition, open to all levels. From being the very first competition for some after only being on the mat for a few weeks, up to experienced international players.

No matter what age or experience the SAJC competitors were, they all showed great spirit and enthusiasm in their judo. As well as giving each other fantastic support, from the side of the mat as always.

A big thank you to everybody who organized, helped and came and supported. Without you all none of this would be possible.


And thanks to Ceris for writing the text above, and recording the results.


Primary Novice

Contestant Result
Kristian Hill Bronze
Samuel Franklin Silver
Alex Cham Bronze
Aidan Cham Silver
Jack Reeves Bronze
Thomas Ross Bronze
George Harbin Bronze
Dorottya Molnar Silver
Natasha Cook Silver
Bleys Donkin Bronze
Corwin Donkin Bronze
Lauren Reeves Silver
Amy Reeves Gold
Leonard Palmai Bronze
Eric Asryan Gold
Finlay Denton Gold
Xavier Fenton Bronze
Lucile Fenton Bronze
Mary Johnstone Bronze
Alice Flemming Bronze
Adam Oldfield Bronze
Daniel Oldfield Silver

Primary Intermediate

Contestant Result
Brenden Hill Silver

Junior Novice

Contestant Result
Eddie Cook Bronze
Panna Palmai Bronze

Junior Intermediate

Contestant Result
Rebecca Franklin Bronze
Xander Masters Gold
Hope Morgan Bronze

Junior Experienced

Contestant Result
Ryan Hill Bronze
Emily Niven Silver
Hannah Niven Silver
Evie Halvey-Jacobs Gold
Jemma Johnstone Silver
Robert Upton Silver
Mackenzie Port Silver
Milena Port Silver
Evander Port Gold
Alex Asryan Bronze

Senior Novice

Contestant Result
David Izzard Bronze
Allan Clayton Silver