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2013, Nov, BJC Closed Nationals

Held on Sunday 17th November at Hereford Leisure Centre.

What a fantastic day for SAJC. 22 of our club members went to Hereford. They all fought with style, determination and enthusiasm, enabling us to come home with a total of 21 medals!  Tori even managing to come home with 2 of them!!!

Although they did not place in the medal table, Rebecca and Evander should be as proud of themselves as we are of them. They both put in fantastic performances. Rebecca narrowly missing out on a bronze coming in 5th place. Evander fighting in a big, tough, group and managing to beat the eventual gold medallist.

As always the 'supporters' from SAJC did a great job of cheering for all the members competing. The rest of the place definitely knew who we were!

A huge thank you to Andrew, Gemma and Seb who all took the time to come and support their students. It was most definitely appreciated by all who were there. Events like this would not be able to go ahead without all the hard work done by all the volunteers behind the scenes. These included Bob, Darren, Jan and Matt. Thank you to all of them. Finally a big thank you to all the parents, grandparents and supporters who made the long, and for some, very slow journey up to Hereford. None of the kids would be able to do this without the support, time and effort from all of you and for that we are all very grateful.



Contestant Weight Result
Ryan Hill U55 Gold
Mackenzie Port U34 Silver
Evander Port U34     <See text above>
Michael Edwards O66 Bronze
Jack Upton U50 Bronze
Charlie Alvis U34 Silver
Emily Niven U44 Gold
Hannah Niven U40 Silver
Melodi Mangan U52 Gold
Jessie Edwards U56 Gold
Paddy Lish U42 Gold
Thomas Lish O66 Gold
Tyler Nash O66 Silver

Contestant Weight Result
Brenden Hill U50 Silver
Rebecca Franklin U32 5th <see text above>
Milena Port U28 Gold
Alex Asryan U34 Bronze
Christopher Alvis U27 Silver


Contestant Weight/ comp
Chloe Alvis U52 Gold
Paige Rowlatt U63 Bronze
Connor Nash U73 Bronze
Tori Cleevley U70 Gold
Tori Cleevely Ladies Open Silver <Tori won 2 medals!>