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2013, May, Shizentai Rumble

Held on Sunday 19th May at Meryfield School in Borehamwood.

A fantastic competition with lots of very well organised categories so that everyone came away with a medal. An amazing turn out of competitors and a great day for the sport of Judo.

On this weekend the Reitburg Judo Club were visiting from Germany, and many of them came along to watch/ take part in the judo.

As usual the supporters of St Albans Judo Club were in fine voice - but all were put to shame by Paddy Lish's loud shouts of encouragement!

Thanks to all the people who volunteered to make this event happen. This list includes the following people who are SAJC members...
Rereferees: Tom, Tyler, Bob, Jad and Matt.
Desk officials:  Connor, Tori, and Ricky
Check-in/ announcements etc: Jan, Lisa
Coaches who came to support their students: Gemma, Kim, Darren and Steve
*- the highlighted people are junior volunteers (well, one is a very recent senior!) who deserve special thanks
...apologies to anyone missing from the list.


Primary Girls

Contestant Weight Result
Abbi Tomkins U24 Bronze
Molly Rowlatt U24 Silver
Rosie Makamian U24 Gold
Isabel Mupita U24 Bronze
Katy Manson U24 Gold
Emily Manson U24 Gold
Rebecca Franklin U28 Bronze
Leah Kovacevic U28 Gold
Lucille Rouchy U28 Bronze
Milena Port U28 Silver
Mary Johnstone U32 Silver
Freya Peter U35 Bronze
Maisy Manson U38 Silver

Primary Boys

Contestant Weight Result
Jacob Pressman U24 Bronze
Christopher Alvis U28 Bronze
Kai Richards U28 Silver
William Sharry U28 Gold
Sam Rickers U28 Bronze
Oliver Harris U32 Gold
Junior Girls

Contestant Weight Result
Hannah Pressman U28 Gold
Hannah Niven U40 Gold
Hope Morgan U45 Silver
Maya Kovacevic U48 Bronze
Lucy Proudman U55 Gold
Charlotte Richards U65 Silver

Junior Boys

Contestant Weight Result
Owain Peter U30 Bronze
Miles Sharry U30 Silver
Max Harris U30 Gold
Charlie Alvis U36 Bronze
Evander Port U36 Gold
Paddy Lish U40 Gold
Stratford Ryan U40 Gold
Xander Masters U40 Bronze
Ryan Hill U50 Silver
Connor Nash O65 Silver
Thomas Lish O65 Gold

Senior Male

Contestant Weight Result
Bradley Howell