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2013, May, Herts Area BJC Closed Championships

Held at the SAJC Dojo on 12th May 2013.

What a great day with entrants from 6 different clubs in Hertfordshire! There were some excellent displays of Judo and the support everyone offered to each other during the competition was lovely to see.

Special Thanks to all the helpers from the club who helped to run the event...
Bob, Darren and Jan – Organisers
Thomas, Tyler, Zoli, Jad, Matt – Referees
Ricky, Tori, Paddy, Chloe – Table officials
Jen, Ceris, Liz - Refreshments


Primary Boys

Christopher AlvisU26Gold
Kai RichardsU26Bronze
Danny O’ConnorU26Bronze
William SharryU28Gold
Alex AsryanU32Gold
Jack BroadleyU32Silver
Alex MorenoU43Gold
Brenden HillU43Silver

Primary Girls

Amy BroadleyU21Silver
Lauren BroadleyU21Bronze
Molly RowlattU23Gold
Emily MansonU23Bronze
Katy MansonU25Silver
Abbie TomkinsU25Bronze
Harriet WakefieldU30Gold
Lucile RouchyU30Bronze
Rebecca FranklinU30Bronze
Freya PeterU35Silver
Maisy MansonU35Bronze
Mary JohnstoneU35Bronze
Junior Boys

Owain PeterU30Gold
Miles SharryU30Bronze
Charlie AlvisU36Silver
Paddy LishU38Silver
Stratford RyanU38Bronze
Xander MastersU45Bronze
Ryan HillU53Silver
Tyler NashU64Gold
Alex ProudmanU64Silver
Matt BeddingU64Bronze
Connor NashU71Silver
Thomas LishU71Bronze

Junior Girls

Hannah NivenU42Gold
Hope MorganU42Silver