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2013, May, BJC National Open Championship

Held on 5th May 2013 in Kettering.

These are great results from the 22 entrants who represented St Albans Judo Club. With 5 new BJC National Champions and a total of 19 medals this was an extraordinary day of judo. There were some tremendous fights with our judoka showing the skills and techniques they have learnt. Even the three young people who came away without a medal showed amazing dedication and effort, well done to every single one of our entrants. We are all proud of you.

Well done to the parents and supporters of our young people. As usual we showed our dedication in our support and were without a doubt the loudest Club there!!

Thank you to all the Sensei who came along to support on the day and also those who helped with the organisation of the competition.



Contestant Weight Age Result
Freya Peter U32kg 8/9yrs BRONZE
Christopher Alvis U29kg 8/9yrs BRONZE

Junior Girls

Contestant Weight Age Result
Hannah Niven U40kg 10/11yrs BRONZE
Emily Niven U44kg 10/11yrs BRONZE
Ellie Howell U56kg 12/13yrs SILVER
Amy Platten U40kg 12/13yrs SILVER
Melodi Mangan U52kg 12/13yrs GOLD
Jessie Edwards U56kg 14/15yrs GOLD
Paige Rowlatt U65kg 14/15yrs SILVER
Chloe Alvis U45kg 14/15yrs GOLD
Lucy Day U52kg 14/15yrs BRONZE
Anna Platten U52kg 14/15yrs BRONZE
Junior Boys

Contestant Weight Age Result
Paddy Lish U38kg 10/11yrs BRONZE
Owain Peter U30kg 10/11yrs
Charlie Alvis U34kg 10/11yrs BRONZE
Arin Mangan U42kg 10/11yrs
Tom Lish O66kg 12/13yrs GOLD
Michael Edwards O66kg 12/13yrs
Tyler Nash U55kg 12/13yrs GOLD
Connor Nash U66kg 14/15yrs BRONZE

Youth 16+

Contestant Weight Grade Result
Bradley Howell U73kg blue/brown belt SILVER
Tori Cleevely U70kg blue/brown belt SILVER