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2013, Jun, Hertfordshire Schools Championships

Held on Sunday 23rd June at Berkhamsted Sports Centre.

What a great day with nearly 200 entrants taking part! It was lovely so see new faces joining in the competitive side of judo.

There were some excellent displays of Judo and the support everyone offered to each other during the competition was lovely to see.

Sadly, after starting at the age of 8 and entering an amazing 12 times, this is the last schools competition for Connor Nash. We wish him all the best and look forward to him being a coach for the younger judoka in the future.

If you would like to take part in more competitions speak to your sensei or check out the notice board.


Under 8 Primary Girls

Contestant School Weight Result
Molly Rowlatt Maplegrove U23 Gold
Abbi Tomkins Killigrew School U26 Silver
Mary Johnstone Margaret Wix U32 Silver

Primary Girls 8/9

Contestant School Weight Result
Milena Port Mount Pleasant Lane U28 Gold
Rosie Makamian Shenley Primary U28 Silver
Lea Kovacevic St John Fisher U32  
Lois Goad St Albert The Great U40 Silver

Primary Boys 8/9

Contestant School Weight Result
William Sharry Wood End U27 Silver
Finlay Denton St Albans & St Stephens U27 Bronze
Alex Asryan Fleetville U34  
Jack Braodley Mandeville U34  
Alex Moreno St Albans & St Stephens U34  
Joel Peters Killigrew School U34 Gold
Oliver Harris St Phillip Howard U34 Bronze

Junior Girls 10/11

Contestant School Weight Result
Freya Peter Roundwood Primary U32 Bronze
Eliza Peters Killigrew School U40 Gold
Hannah Niven Holtsmere Jnr U40 Silver

Junior Boys 10/11

Contestant School Weight Result
Henry Roberts St Stephens U27 Silver
Owain Peter Roundwood Primary U30 Bronze
Max Harris St Peters U30  
Evander Port Mount Pleasant Lane U34 Bronze
Louie Goodchild Grove School U38  
Arin Mangan Maple U42 Bronze
Jake Makamian Shenley Primary U46 Silver
Junior Girls 12/13

Contestant School Weight Result
Emily Niven Townsend U40 Gold
Melodi Mangan Parmiters U52 Gold

Junior Boys 12/13

Contestant School Weight Result
Thomas Lish Bushey Meads O66 Gold
Michael Edwards Onslow St Audreys O66 Bronze
Makenzie Port Marlborough U40 Silver
Paddy Lish Bushey Meads U40 Silver
Tyler Nash Sir John Laws U60 Gold

Junior Girls 14/15

Contestant School Weight Result
Jessie Edwards Onslow St Audreys U57 Silver
Victoria Cleevely Sir John Lawes U65 Gold
Paige Rowlatt Cavendish U65 Silver

Junior Boys 14/15

Contestant School Weight Result
Connor Nash Sir John Laws O61 Silver

Junior Boys 16/17

Contestant School Weight Result
Bradley Howell Sir John Laws U73