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2013, Jul, British Schools National Kata Championships

Saturday 13th July.

We began the day with an early start ready for a long hot drive up to Walsall Birmingham. When we got there it was all set up and we were ready to go. After what seemed an eternity, just because we were nervous, our names got called. We got into the starting position and did our Katame no Kata which turned out to be our best performance to date! Then we watched Tori and Tom do their strong routine. After that, 3 other pairs did theirs (5 in total). Then we watched a pair perform Juno Kata. We were then ready to get the day's results. We came away with a bronze, beating 2 pairs, while Tori and Tom got 2 gold medals in both Katame no and Nage no! It was a fun and rewarding day.

By Lucy and Alex


Kata School Year
Competitors Result
Katame no Kata 8 to 11
Tori Cleevely and Thomas Lish
Katame no Kata 8 to 11
Lucy Proudman and Alex Proudman Bronze
Nage no Kata 8 to 11
Tori Cleevely and Thomas Lish Gold