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2013, Feb, Leicester Southfields Open Championships

The above competition was held on 23rd February 2013.

Great results for St Albans Judo Club and everyone who took part worked extremely hard. This was a difficult competition with lots of competitors from all over the UK and from BJA and BJC clubs. There were some brilliant displays of good sportsmanship and support for their fellow judoka from our team squad. Well done all of you.

Thank you to the coaches Jad Harris, Kim Banham and Gemma Paveley.

If you are interested in taking part in competitions please speak to your class Sensai.


Primary Boys

Contestant Weight Result
Christopher Alvis U26kg BRONZE

Primary Girls

Contestant Weight Result
Mary Bishop U35kg BRONZE
Lucille Rouchy U26kg BRONZE
Abbi Tomkins U23kg BRONZE

Junior Boys

Contestant Weight Result
Ryan Hill U55kg
Connor Nash U65kg SILVER
Tyler Nash U60kg
Aaron Mangan U40kg
Michael Edwards O65kg
Jack Dunn U35kg
Junior Girls

Contestant Weight Result
Hannah Niven U40kg BRONZE
Kyra Cross U35kg BRONZE
Paige Rowlatt U60kg GOLD
Melody Mangan U50kg
Ellie Howell U55kg
Jessie Edwards U55kg BRONZE
Chloe Alvis U50kg GOLD


Contestant Weight Result
Bradley Howell 3rd kyu SILVER