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2013, Feb, BJC Kata Tournament

The Kata tournament was held in Tamworth on 3rd Feb, and SAJC was well represented by a large proportion of entrants including two primaries who had a "crash coarse" in Katame no Kata achieving a fantastic level in a very short time! They kindly submitted the following write-up...


Our First Kata Competition

By: Brenden Hill and Rebecca Franklin

We have been doing Kata for 2½ weeks and we had our first competition on the 3rd of February. It was a bit hard learning how to do it all. The hardest for me (Rebecca) was the blocking. The hardest part for me (Brenden) was lying still. We put in a lot of hours practicing and learning all the moves for the competition. We were very tired. We had a lot of help from Bob Cleevely, Jad Harris, Kim Banham, Zolli Borzak, and Matt Lish.

On the morning of the competition we had to get up very early to leave St. Albans for Tamworth. It was a long drive, but we got to stop for Krispy Kreme Donuts on the way up!

When we got to the competition, we watched some of the other people compete. It was a long wait for our turn. While we were waiting we got to watch some of the people who trained us do their Kata. We were nervous, happy and excited to be there and to get to show people what we learned.

Because it was so quiet at the competition we pretended we were back at our own club practicing and that no one else was there watching us. It didn’t feel like a competition so we weren’t nervous anymore. There were 3 people judging us.
At the end of the competition we were very tired, but all the competitors went on the mat and received their medals from the BJC Vice President. We got gold medals and we were very proud.

On the way home we were very tired, but we called our families to tell them how we did.

Thanks to Bob for his role in helping to make this tournament happen. Also many thanks to Darren, Matt, and Jan from SAJC who helped to organise/ collect results etc.

St Albans Judo Club offers great opportunities for judoka to learn Kata - please speak to your instructor for details. As an incentive to get involved there will be no mat fees for Kata lessons for the first half of 2013!


Kata Age category Competitors Result
Katame no Kata Primary Brenden Hill and Rebecca Franklin Gold
Katame no Kata Junior Thomas Lish and Tori Cleevely Gold
Katame no Kata Junior Lucy Proudman and Alex Proudman Silver
Kime no Kata Junior Thomas Lish and Tori Cleevely Gold
Nage no Kata Junior Thomas Lish and Tori Cleevely Gold
Ju no Kata Senior Bob Cleevely and Zoli Borzak Gold
Katame no Kata Senior Bob Cleevely and Zoli Borzak Silver