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The Club Championships took place on Sunday 1st Dec.

There were many excellent displays of Judo and the support everyone offered to each other during the competition was amazing.

If you would like to take part in more competitions speak to your Sensei or check out the notice board.


Primary Boys

Contestant Weight Place
Xavier Fenton U20 Red Gold
Eddie Dunn U20 Red Silver
Kristian Hill U20 Red Bronze
Bentley Warr U20 Red Bronze
Nathan Jupe U24 Gold
Jacob Pressman U24 Silver
Corwin Donkin U24 Bronze
Eric Asryan U24 Red Gold
Leonard Palmai U24 Red Silver
David Limonts U24 Red Bronze
Bleys Donkin U24 Red Bronze
Samuel Franklin U24 Red Bronze
Christopher Alvis U27 Gold
Hugo Laing U27 Silver
Tom Jupe U27 Bronze
Finlay Denton U29 Gold
Guy Johnstone U29 Silver
Peter Brady U29 Bronze
Jack Butler U29 Bronze
Piri Urguhart U30 Gold
Connor Walsh U30 Silver
Kai Richards U30 Bronze
Alex Asryan U34 Gold
Ben Goodchild U34 Silver
Jack Reeves U34 Bronze
Brenden Hill Dan Gold
Ricky Cleevely Dan Bronze
Bob Cleevely Dan Bronze
Darren Rolph Dan Bronze

Primary Girls

Contestant Weight Place
Amy Reeves U23 Gold
Lauren Reeves U23 Silver
Jenna Urguhart U23 Bronze
Abbi Tomkins U25 Gold
Molly Rowlatt U25 Silver
Katy Manson U25 Bronze
Emily Manson U25 Bronze
Rosie Makamian U27 Gold
Matilda Green U27 Silver
Lucile Rouchy U27 Bronze
Felicity Warr U27 Bronze
Lea Kovacevic U30 Gold
Milena Port U30 Silver
Rebecca Franklin U30 Bronze
Dorottya Molnar U33 Gold
Freya Goad U33 Silver
Natasha Cook U33 Bronze
Sarah Head U33 Bronze
Maisy Manson U36 Gold
Molly Luwero U36 Silver
Mary Johnstone U36 Bronze
Junior Boys

Contestant Weight Place
Sam Lewis U30 Gold
Owain Peter U30 Silver
William Sharry U30 Bronze
Henry Roberts U30 Bronze
Felix Walton U30 Bronze
Evander Port U34 Gold
Jack Dunn U34 Silver
Max Harris U34 Bronze
Thomas Rowley U34 Bronze
Mackenzie Port U38 Gold
Joel Peters U38 Silver
Harry Masters U38 Bronze
Xander Masters U43 Gold
Paddy Lish U43 Silver
James Bailey U43 Bronze
Arin Mangan U43 Bronze
Brandon Krasny U45 Gold
Joe Scragg U45 Silver
Jacob Head U45 Bronze
Jack Upton U60 Gold
Andrew Meville U60 Silver
Kai Folds U60 Bronze
Angus Robinson U60 Bronze
Charles Izzard U60 Bronze
Thomas Lish U75 Gold
Tyler Nash U75 Silver
Alex Proudman U75 Bronze
Callum Karuthasami U75 Bronze
Matthew Bedding U75 Bronze

Junior Girls

Contestant Weight Place
Sarah Robinson U33 Gold
Hannah Pressman U33 Silver
Panna Palmai U38 Gold
Sarah Robinson U38 Silver
Hope Morgan U51 Gold
Maya Kovacevic U51 Silver
Claudia Johnson U60 novice
Jessie Edwards U60 Gold
Jemma Johnstone U60 Silver
Melodi Mangan U60 Bronze

Senior Male

Contestant Weight Place
Connor Nash Male Kyu Gold
Adam Tan Male Kyu Silver
Al Green Vets Gold
Adam Rowley Vets Silver

Senior Female

Contestant Weight Place
Hannah Nowell Ladies Kyu Gold
Beth Parish Ladies Kyu Silver


Some of the action...

And here are the competitors with their medals...