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2012, Oct, White Horse Judo Open Championships

Held in Didcot on Sunday 21st October 2012.

This was the first out of area competition for many of our young judoka. It was lovely to see so many new (and old) faces on the competition circuit.

It was great to see some our junior green belts who help support the coaches during the week, supporting and encouraging the primary judoka. It was then great to see the primaries supporting and cheering on the juniors. (I am not going to mention how well Connor fitted into the group of primary girls at the side of the mat!)

There were some fabulous fights and some brilliant throws, well done every one of you.

Thank you to the coaches Jad, Kim and Zoli and green belts Connor, Tyler, Bradley and Elena for your support on the day.

The Herts Advertiser is currently running an article about this event. A link will be posted here when it appears on their website!


Red Belt Rumble

Ages 5 – 7

Contestant Weight Result
Mary Bishop U32 Silver
Abbi Tomkins U26 Silver

Ages 7 - 10

Contestant Weight Result
Christopher Alvis U26 Gold
Felix Walton U26 Bronze
Freya Peter U32 Silver
Rebecca Franklin U32 Bronze
Harriet Wakefield U32 Bronze
Oliver Harris U32 Bronze
Hannah Niven O38 Gold
Brenden Hill O38 Bronze
Junior Novice
Ages 10 – U16 White belt to yellow belt

Contestant Weight Result
Owain Peter U30 Silver
Charlie Alvis U36 Silver
Kyra Cross U36 Bronze
Hope Morgan U42 Silver
Ryan Hill U48 Bronze
Millie Wakefield U48 Bronze

Ages 10 – 16 Yellow belt + orange 1 tab and over

Contestant Weight Result
Emily Niven U42 Gold
Jessie Edwards U54 Bronze
Ellie Howell U54 Bronze
Tyler Nash U60 Bronze
Connor Nash U66 Gold
Bradley Howell O66 NR
Michael Edwards O66 NR


Most of the medal winners are shown in this montage (apologies to those who we didn't manage to get a photo of)...

And here are our best action shots...