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2012, Nov, BJC National Closed Championships

Well done everyone who took part. It was an amazing day and our competitors all fought extremely hard. This was a difficult competition with judoka coming from all over the U.K to compete.

Although not all our competitors came home with a medal, they all fought their hardest and should be very proud of themselves.

A great big thank you to St Albans coaches Andrew Paveley, Seb Gray, Bob Cleevely, Rikki Cleevely, Matt Lish and Zoli Borzak who coached and supported the judoka on the day.


Primaries Aged 8-9

Contestant Weight Result
Freya Peter U32 Bronze
Hannah Niven U40 Gold

Juniors Aged 10-11

Contestant Weight Result
Owain Peter U30 N/R
Emily Niven U44 Silver
Paddy Lish U38 N/R
Charlie Alvis U34 Silver
Arin Mangan U38 N/R

Juniors Aged 12-13

Contestant Weight Result
Thomas Lish O66 Gold
Melodi Mangan U48 Silver
Elena Howell U52 Bronze
Tyler Nash U60 Silver
Juniors Aged 14-15

Contestant Weight Result
Jessie Edwards U52 Silver
Paige Rowlatt U61 Bronze
Tori Cleevley O61 Bronze
Connor Nash U66 Bronze
Bradley Howell O73 Bronze

Senior Kyu Grade

Contestant Result
Tomi Borzak Gold