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The Club Championships took place on Sunday 2nd Dec. What a great day with over 100 entrants taking part! It was lovely to see so many new faces joining in the competitive side of judo.

There were some excellent displays of Judo and the support everyone offered to each other during the competition was fantastic to see.

If you would like to take part in more competitions speak to your Sensei or check out the notice board.


Primary Girls

Contestant Category Result
Anna Lofts O35 Gold
Zaunab Saddique O35 Silver
Amy Broadley U20 red Gold
Jenna Urquhart U20 red Silver
Lauren Broadley U20 red Bronze
Anna Cox U20 red Bronze
Abbi Tompkins U23 red Gold
Molly Rowlatt U23 red Silver
Lucille Rouchie U23 red Bronze
Isobelle Mupita U23 red Bronze
Hannah Pressman U26 Gold
Jessica Scorer U26 Silver
Rosie Makamiam U26 Bronze
Rebecca Franklin U26 Bronze
Lea Kovacevic U30 Gold
Harriet Wakefield U30 Silver
Megan Thomas U30 Bronze
Mary Bishop U30 Bronze
Freya Peter U33 Gold
Freya Thompson U33 Silver

Primary Boys

Contestant Category Result
Hugo Laing U23 red Gold
Xavier Fenton U23 red Silver
David Limont U23 red Bronze
Jacob Pressman U23 red Bronze
William Sharry U26 Gold
Henry Roberts U26 Silver
Mohammed Ahmed U26 Bronze
Adam Smith U26 Bronze
Kai Richards U26 Bronze
Christopher Alvis U26 red Gold
Finley Denton U26 red Silver
Peter Brady U26 red Bronze
Connor Walsh U26 red Bronze
Sam Rickers U26 red Bronze
Ben Goodchild U29 Gold
Max Harris U29 Silver
Jamie Cox U29 Bronze
Piri Urquhart U29 Bronze
Oliver Harris U31 Gold
Thomas Griffin U31 Silver
Jack Broadley U31 Bronze
Joel Peters U36 Gold
Joseph Cussans U36 Silver
Alex Moreno U36 Bronze
Mohammed Malik U36 Bronze
Ben Sommerbauer U43 Gold
Joe Scragg U43 Silver
Jacob Head U43 Bronze
Brenden Hill U43 Bronze
Daniel Onochiwillia U50 Gold
Alex Sommerbauer U50 Silver
William Griffin U50 Bronze
Junior Girls

Contestant Category Result
Emily Niven U42 Gold
Hannah Niven U42 Silver
Hope Morgan U42 Bronze
Maya Kovacevic U42 nov Gold
Harry Derbyshire U42 nov Silver
Melodi Mangan U47 Gold
Lucy Proudman U47 Silver
Chloe Alvis U53 Gold
Jessie Edwards U53 Silver
Anna Plattern U53 Bronze

Junior Boys

Contestant Category Result
Owain Peter U31 Gold
Scott Renshaw U31 Silver
Sam Lewis U31 Bronze
Miles Sharry U31 Bronze
Charlie Alvis U33 Gold
Jack Dunn U33 Silver
Tom Goodchild U33 Bronze
Paddy Lish U37 Gold
Sam Thompson U37 Silver
Xander Masters U37 Bronze
Louie Goodchild U37 Bronze
Aaron Mangan U37 10 Gold
Stratty Ryan U37 10 Silver
Harry Masters U37 10 Bronze
James Trudor U37 10 Bronze
Matthew Westcott U47 Gold
Ryan Hill U47 Silver
William Thomas U47 Bronze
Alex Proudman U59 Gold
Andrew Melville U59 Silver
Matthew Bedding U59 Bronze
Jordan Gardner U59 Bronze
Connor Nash U66 Gold
Thomas Lish U66 Silver
Tyler Nash U66 Bronze
Michael Edwards U66 Bronze

Senior Ladies

Contestant Category Result
Sarah Riggs U55 Gold
Beth Parish U55 Gold

Senior Men

Contestant Category Result
Riki Urquhart Kyu Gold
Matthew Cox Kyu Silver
Paulo Dealmeida Nov Gold
Francesco Guzzardi Nov Silver
Daniel Morgan Nov Bronze


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