Club events

These are events that are laid on for club-members only.

There are currently no featured events in this section

Other events

Note when attending a non-club members event: you are always recommended to check with an SAJC instructor to ask:-

  • if the level of the competition/ course is suitable
  • if any of the Sensei from our club are planning to attend
  • is SAJC organising a "group entry"
  • last but not least you could find out if any other club members are planning on competing / attending
Also for certain competitions the fees may be subsidised for our members so it is always worth asking.

Kime-no-Kata and Ju-no-Kata

Classes are held on 21st and 22nd Oct 2017.

Come and enjoy a day or two of Kata with members of the current British Kata Team with IJF kata judge Sean Nuttel , all fresh from the world championships, their positive coaching styles will make for a great day."

Please see the following two pages for details:- info1 and info2_plus_booking_form


Events coloured green are at St Albans dojo, and blue items are held elsewhere.

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