'69 Browning-Newport Holiday 20
(Poupon ME!)

Serial numbers:
H20- #82
C20- SN:CBC54259M78K /Mdl: 323AJ54259
DSll-  Hull: 25873
State or Province:
Home port:
Ray, MI
previous: finance analyst - Chrysler Corp. current: fixerupper
Previous Boats:
My first boat was a '62 Mariner with an 85hp Merc. I bought it for $500. Boat never sailed, engine never started,LMSO. It took me four weeks to put it all out to the curb after sawing it up, then an O'day Widgeon in Sep 2008 (sold)

Lollipop/Dashaway Sail Event Schedule

'78 Chrysler C-20 (SS Lollipop) - sold

Owner bio:
Sailed a Sunflower on a small residential lake (pond) as a kid forty years ago. Three years ago purchased a 12' 4" Widgeon and most often sailed at Stoney Creek (476 acres) and occasionally Hubbard Lake (8850 acres) near Alpena, MI. Recently added an O'Day Daysailer ll to my fleet for Metropark use. Hope to sail Lake St. Clair and Huron in the C-20.

Widgeon - added mast step casting, turnbuckle covers,repair of small crack in hull, repair of leak to inner hull from centerboard bolt hole (Widgeon)C-20 - Repair of damaged shoal keel, re-seating deck hardwareDSll - Replacement of forward mast stay
Cruising waters:
Stony Creek Metropark, Hubbard Lake, MI

Here's the vid of my one and only race (with the C20) :Racing LMAO 

Stony Creek Metropolitan Park