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Hands-on learning for sailing children and home schooling sailors.

Now available in third edition print or for Kindle on Amazon!

Lesson Plans Ahoy! is now available as an eBook edition for only $6.99. This new format makes Lesson Plans Ahoy even easier to take along on your family sailing adventures. Whether you seek an enriching experience or materials for home schooling on board, Lesson Plans Ahoy is a one-volume resource with everything needed to teach hands-on units in science, math, writing, history, navigation, and physical education (all detailed for ages four through twelve). Taking full advantage of the possibilities that digital books offer, this eBook edition has been carefully formatted for maximum usability on e-readers. The new eBook edition mirrors the third print edition of Lesson Plans Ahoy, including a whole new section on keeping students motivated.

Both the third edition book ($14.99) and eBook editions include ten learning units plus information on designing field trips and interdisciplinary units, as well as an extensive section on the How-To’s of home schooling on a boat. Whether you are setting off on a short cruise, an ocean crossing, or committing to a year of home schooling, this guide will make learning relevant and enjoyable. (Read Testimonials or go to all listed recommended web resources live on the Resources page.

Lesson Plans Ahoy! (third and Kindle editions) helps families connect experience to education through units in the following subjects:

·         SCIENCE - Earth and Space: study the lunar cycle and eclipses

·         SCIENCE - Biology: dissect a fish

·         SCIENCE - Chemistry - a practical, on-board experiment with two variations

·         MATHEMATICS - Data Management: graph water consumption

·         MATHEMATICS - Measurement: understand area and volume

·         WRITING - a thorough primer for journal, non-fiction, and creative writing

·         HISTORY - The Voyages of Christopher Columbus for young sailors

·         HISTORY - The Voyages of Captain Cook from a sailor's perspective

·         NAVIGATION - Compass use, hands-on mapping, and more

·         PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Heart rate and exercise

Each unit contains information on:

·         materials required (selected for practicality on a boat)

·         differentiating lessons for children of different ages; create a one-room schoolhouse!

·         activities and assignments that your child will enjoy doing

·         tips for enrichment and cross-curricular links

·         suggested resources to support learning

Three detailed appendices further guide parents. One appendix lists science and mathematics links to national and state curricula from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. so that home schooling students can keep pace with content and expectations in their home systems. Other appendices list further learning resources, tips on designing effective field trips and interdisciplinary units.

Never fear: given a solid boat, a well-prepared crew, and sensible precautions, the ocean can be a safe place to bring your child.  And an educational one!

"Lesson Plans Ahoy would be a great supplement to anybody who is customizing a curriculum for their children, or even as a supplement to a structured program. I am impressed with its thoroughness, and the index with all the links is very useful." - Tania Aebi, solo circumnavigator and home schooling parent.

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